Gemini and Digital Currency Group’s Heated Dispute Continues


The face-off between the Gemini crypto exchange, spearheaded by the Winklevoss twins, and the mighty Digital Currency Group (DCG) rages on. As stakes rise in cryptocurrency, tensions between these entities have escalated, stemming from a contentious Gemini lending program.

DCG’s Attempt to Dismiss the Case

On Thursday, a significant turn in this crypto saga emerged when DCG aimed to nullify the fraud allegations surrounding the Gemini Earn service. They contended their involvement with the said service was negligible.

Yet, this statement was met with skepticism. As Cameron Winklevoss promptly pointed out on X, previously Twitter, “This is a direct admission that they did in fact, have something to do with the Gemini Earn program. Lol.”

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Genesis, a subset of DCG, managed funds for the Gemini Earn initiative. However, complications arose for Gemini. Post FTX’s unfortunate collapse in November, Genesis was compelled to freeze its client withdrawal function. That presented a challenge for the exchange platform.

Winklevoss’s Pointed Remarks

Drawing attention to a particular declaration from DCG’s recent court submission, Winklevoss stated, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” He highlighted the assertion where DCG denied any obligation to rectify purported inaccuracies on behalf of its affiliate,

Genesis. In a poignant rebuttal, Winklevoss opined, “When a company you own claims you penned a $1.1 billion check, which you’re aware you didn’t, rectification becomes a duty.” He added that such a stance hardly holds water, jestingly terming it as failing “the giggle test.”

Winklevoss emphasized his stance with a confident outlook, stating, “Good luck presenting these viewpoints to an impartial jury. I’ll await our court encounter.”

This ongoing crypto dispute underscores the intricacies and challenges in the rapidly evolving digital currency landscape. As both parties prepare for further legal actions, the industry will watch closely, awaiting the repercussions of this significant battle.

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