The Importance of Gateway Courses for Student Success

gateway courses

Completing gateway courses is an important milestone for community college students and is a strong predictor of future academic success. However, national statistics show that only 16% of community college students complete both English and math gateway courses in their first year. This lack of success has a severe impact on retention rates and graduation rates. Non-academic needs and a sense of belonging on campus are crucial factors in closing performance gaps based on race, income, and age.

Kentucky has fully adopted a “student ready” philosophy, with “corequisite” education providing structured academic support to students. The success of gateway courses also depends on the faculty’s approach. Professors need to provide a curriculum that draws upon culturally relevant examples with a social justice focus. They must also structure time for students to connect with faculty and review their work. This is essential for building student confidence and their capacity for success.

Gateway Course for Student Success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative

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