CryptoMode IEO Grid Trading

Digital asset exchange, announced that its total grid trading volume had crossed $140 million in Feb 2021. launched the grid trading feature in August 2020 where users can enable the AI grid to automatically set the parameters with the values that are expected to produce the highest returns.

Grid trading allows traders to buy and sell orders at predetermined price intervals. Orders are placed above and below a set price, essentially creating a “grid” of orders at incrementally increasing and decreasing prices.’s AI Grid automatically backtests historical data of the past 7 days and calculates the optimal upper limit price, lower limit price, and the number of grids.

“At, we constantly strive to provide our users with multiple strategies and tools that they can use to take advantage of the crypto market. We rank in the top 6 at CoinGecko with a full Trust Score, a metric that highlights authentic trading volumes in crypto exchanges across the world,” said Marie Tatibouet, CMO at

“Grid trading is just one of the many tools in our arsenal, and I am glad to know that it has been immensely successful so far. However, our users know that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  We provide our users with margin trading, a highly mature derivatives market with futures, options, ETFs, and crypto lending and loan services. Plus, to give our users comprehensive access to the crypto market, we are also working on Hipo DeFi – an automated market maker which will be launched soon,” Marie added. currently offers two kinds of trading grids – Spot and Futures. The Spot trading grid is open 24/7 and currently has 56,253 active strategies with total investments of over 130 million USDT and 7-day annualized yield of 47.35%. The Futures grid is for advanced users with almost 18,000 active strategies and nearly $270 million USDT locked in value. As of now, the 7-day annualized yield for the Futures grid is around 195%. ranks in the Top 6 (ATTOW) World Exchange Rankings at CoinGecko With Full Trust Score . The list includes other major exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance.

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