Launches Wallet S1, a Hardware Wallet with Fingerprint Recognition Technology

CryptoMode Hardware Wallet S1

Global digital asset exchange,, has announced the launch of its hardware wallet, Wallet S1, to help users with their assets and private keys’ safety, security, and storage. has launched Wallet S1, a professional hardware wallet, to offer users who don’t have the expertise to store their private keys safely. It is a private key safekeeping solution for funds. Wallet S1 is an easy to use built-in display with fingerprint recognition that supports secure storage for more than 10,000 mainstream digital assets, including BTC, ETH, and EOS, among other cryptocurrencies.

With DeFi emerging stronger than ever, asset security is the most important part of the decentralized finance world. When users store their assets and hold their private keys, they are not limited to restrictions imposed by a centralized platform, losing professional custody and security services. Wallet S1 provides a robust security mechanism so that users can own their private keys without worrying about fund safety.

Wallet S1 is easy to use and comes in a small portable size. Users can synchronize their device, laptop, or mobile with its fingerprint functionality, with the hardware wallet to authorize transactions just with their fingerprint.

“Wallet S1 highly secure. The private key is locked in the hardware itself, safely away from the internet, and it makes it more convenient in signature signing when the user makes a daily use transfer. It is the first hardware wallet with a world-leading fingerprint recognition algorithm which can auto initialize when detecting brute-force attack,” Marie Tatibouet, CMO at said in a statement.

According to, Wallet S1 is a foundational part of their public blockchain, GateChain. is also exploring the more widespread use in the DeFi field with its GateChain DeFi network. For enterprise-grade use cases, Wallet S1 can be used in combination with GateChain’s Vault address to achieve enhanced safety for large scale asset storage as a business or financial institution. Wallet S1 hardware can be used together with pro, the company informed.

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