GameFi is the fusion of the words game and finance, the GameFi ecosystem was made so that its users have access to cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology to create a virtual gaming world. GameFi has been on the rise and rapidly taking over the traditional gaming industry, simply because it allowed you to take pleasure in what you like doing whilst making money. 

Traditional gaming is what every kid grew up on, in the 2000s, you buy a console and play your favourite games with friends. The difference nowadays is that with most blockchain games, players are allowed to transfer all types of gaming items outside of the virtual gaming space. This means that gamers can trade their items on NFT marketplaces and their crypto earnings on crypto exchanges, by completing different tasks, fighting or challenging other players and progressing to different levels. 

Gaming Galore! Pac-Man Frog (PAC)

When you hear the name Pac-Man Frog it’s almost very difficult not to think about one of the most popular games of its era Pac-Man, but Pac-Man Frog is a platform that plans to improve blockchain technology while investing in their community which will allow investors to make a profit and enjoy. PAC has plans on being one of the most successful GameFi cryptocurrencies in the world. 

The gaming industry is a multimillion-dollar business. With Pac-Man Frog being in its presale phase since the end of March 2022 it would be a good idea to invest, as investing could have a positive outcome once it has been officially launched. 

Explore the Virtual World of Decentraland (MANA)

The first-ever virtual world owned by its users, Decentraland allows its users to explore the most beautiful and incredible gaming scenes the GameFi world has to offer. From space adventure to a mediaeval dungeon maze to spectacular villages designed by the impressive minds of its community members. MANA is a fully decentralized virtual world, from the beginning of its immersion into the crypto universe, the plan to hand over control to the community was always at the forefront of their main ideology. 

Through the DAO, you are in control of all the policies that dictate how the virtual world behaves, for example, things like; what items of clothing one is allowed to or what wearable items they are not permitted to wear. Dencentraland values its members, as the community even proposes a vote for policy updates and future Decentraland auctions. 

Play, Own, Create with The Sandbox (SAND)

Another great platform for gamers who want to govern, build and monetize from their gaming experiences using the Ethereum blockchain is The Sandbox. They are looking to create havoc for existing game makers like Minecraft and Roblox by allowing creators to have true ownership of their creations, through non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and rewarding participation by giving them SAND tokens. 

The Sandbox aims to steer away from central control, it plans to achieve this objective by building a voxel platform where creators can craft, share, collect, play and trade without any intermediaries and central control. Central control over the trading of virtual goods created by its players restricts them from gaining a fair and just value for their creations. 

If you are a gamer that is yet to explore the GameFi world, Pac-Man Frog could potentially be a lucrative investment as it looks to battle it out with its competitors Decentraland (MANA) and The Sandbox (SAND) for the top spot and sees who will be crowned King of the GameFi sector. Also, one thing all these gaming platforms have in common is that they want their members to control and own whatever they create in their virtual space, so why not play and make a profit simultaneously. 

Pacman Frog

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