GameStop Performs Executive Shift By Removing The Driving Force Behind Its NFT Venture

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In a surprising turn of events, Matt Furlong, the pivotal force behind GameStop’s leap into the nonfungible tokens (NFTs) sphere, has been relieved of his duties as CEO. This decision comes after the gaming giant’s underwhelming first-quarter results.

Things Don’t Look Great For GameStop

GameStop, renowned worldwide as a titan in the gaming industry, announced on June 7, 2023, that it had dismissed Furlong, the orchestrator of its strategic pivot towards NFTs. No concrete reason was given for the sudden departure, yet this move coincides with the first quarter earnings release that fell short of market forecasts by a staggering 133%.

Furlong’s successor is Ryan Cohen, a billionaire investor who gained the admiration of meme stock traders after the infamous GameStop short squeeze of 2021. Cohen’s promotion to the executive chairman role was immediately followed by an enigmatic tweet that cryptically read, “Not for long.”

Unraveling the Executive Upheaval

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Details from a document submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission on June 9, 2021, reveal that Furlong’s contract included a clause for two years of continuous employment. Concurrent with his termination, Furlong also stepped down as a director, thereby shrinking the board size to five members.

Furlong’s tenure as CEO began in June 2021, marking the aftermath of the meme stock frenzy that escalated GameStop’s shares by an astounding 3,000%—from $17.25 to $500—in a mere month.

However, following the announcement of Furlong’s departure, the company’s stock price dropped by 19% to a disappointing $21, as reported by Google Finance.

Navigating the NFT Marketplace

Furlong’s legacy includes spearheading the launch of GameStop’s NFT marketplace in June 2022, aligning with market interest in NFTs. GameStop subsequently extended its support for blockchain game NFTs by partnering with Web3 gaming platform and Ethereum’s layer-2 scaling solution, ImmutableX.

The NFT marketplace had an impressive start, raking in close to $2 million in sales within 24 hours. Unfortunately, the platform’s success was short-lived. By August, daily sales volumes had fallen drastically, averaging only $4,000—a significant 99.8% plummet from its opening day figures.

Refocusing the GameStop Business Strategy

In the last quarter of 2022, following a disappointing Q3 earnings call, GameStop strategically decided to distance itself from cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The company reported a net loss of $94.7 million and began staff reduction efforts.

Yet, despite their public shift in focus, GameStop has recently partnered with Illuvium, an Australian-based blockchain game developer, to unveil a 20,000 NFT collection. This move signals a lingering interest in the NFT sphere, even in the face of a leadership shake-up and financial underperformance.

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