Gal Yosef And Other Celebrities Are Bringing Mainstream Attention To NFTs


More and more mainstream artists are joining the NFT industry. Renowned 3D artist Gal Yosef follows in the footsteps of Neymar, Eminem, and many others. Yosef’s Meta Eagle Club NFT connection, backed by Eden Gallery, will hit the market soon. 

Renowned Artists Flock To NFTs

It is only normal to see mainstream artists explore opportunities in the world of non-fungible tokens. NFT Mania is in full swing and has welcomed big names like Snoop Dogg, Eminem, football star Neymar Jr, and many others to the industry in 2020 and beyond. Adding Gal Yosef to the growing list of artists dabbling in NFTs is not a big surprise, as he is the artist of the Crypto Bulls Society, which generated over $50 million in sales to date.

The name Gal Yosef may ring a bell with some outside of that collection, as he has worked with Justin Bieber, DJ Steve Aoki, and many others. Remember the Sotheby’s NFT auction that sold for $214,000 in 2021? That artwork was made by Yosef. His new collection takes a different approach, though, as it will feature highly detailed and life-like cartoon-style avatars. 

Meta Eagle Club is the first NFT collection to become part of the Galyverse. It has 12,000 captivating eagle avatars, merging upscale art with community building, exclusive physical gallery events, and an evolving artistic vision. Over time, other collections will join the Galyverse, establishing a virtual art world. 

One benefit Meta Eagle Club provides is the option for NFT collectors to bring physical artwork to those who hold an Eagle avatar. More specifically, that process is possible thanks to RNSNC, the NFT studio of Eden Gallery. Moreover, the international allure of Edgen Gallery can bring a tech-averse art crowd into the NFT world over the coming years.

2022 Is The Year of Change

While the NFT industry prospered in 2021, most of its growth has come from only a handful of projects that focus on exclusivity rather than utility. Gal Yosef and his collection show there is a lot more to this technology than most people think about. Combining physical art and attendance of physical gallery events through non-fungible tokens is far from an experiment; it is a new lifestyle. 

Celebrities and established artists take center stage in the NFT industry in 2022. It is a welcome change, although the market remains accessible to aspiring artists too. However, non-fungible tokens need to shed their “speculative” nature and start bringing real-world utility to those who want to invest in them. 

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