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Traditional games have become saturated, while existing blockchain games are full of problems. G-Link will change this status quo with a cross-game, cross-chain platform for gamers, game developers and investors.

P2E games reaching a turning point

The case for play-to-earn games is clear: Gamers are traditionally relegated to being just consumers. Although the traditional gaming industry’s revenue was US$178.37 billion in 2021, a mere fraction of gamers have the privilege to earn from gaming. Gamers are turning to Web 3.0 to address their frustrations in traditional gaming, specifically being deprived of true asset ownership, absence of guaranteed safe peer transactions and few avenues for participating in game development.

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But have blockchain games lived up to their promise so far? As those who have tried playing will know, it’s still lacking.

The earlier waves of blockchain games are hindered by infrastructure-related challenges that have made Web 2.0 gamers skeptical. This is exactly where G-Link comes in — an ‘app store’ of enjoyable blockchain games, for gamers to seamlessly experience Web 3.0.

Level up Web 3.0 gaming with G-Link

On the G-Link platform, gamers can easily choose from a broad variety of quality-vetted casual to mid-core mobile blockchain games, rather than searching through NFT projects. G-Link will publish the first 4 mobile P2E games in 2022: Kartopia, a supercar racing game; Card Master, a placement card collectible game; SPE Colony, a strategy-based kingdom-building game; Coin Fishing Frenzy, a chill arcade quest game. G-Link will continue adding even more games across a wide range to expand the platform’s gameverse, with over 10 studios currently in discussion for partnerships.

Meanwhile, the GameFi incubator allows gamers to engage more directly and meaningfully with developers, by crowdfunding to support the game projects they believe in and sharing feedback or suggestions. Through the incubator, gamers not only have a genuine opportunity to shape innovation and direction of the gaming industry, but also stand to reap tangible benefits as investors themselves.

Furthermore, the platform is designed to overcome a common P2E problem of limited gameplay mechanics, whereby low throughput and high gas lead to unimaginative games with too much repetitive grinding. With the GLINK platform token acting as a second layer, the platform has increased throughput and minimal gas fees, enabling the creation of more strategic, enjoyable and interactive blockchain games comparable to traditional games. Besides that, the liquidity from GLINK lets gamers securely trade game assets and exchange in-game earnings, so gamers have the flexibility to move between games.

Guild leader Chief Toads: G-Link’s genesis NFTs

The Chief Toads are G-Link’s genesis NFT collection, which awards holders with VIP access into G-Link’s gameverse platform. Gamers seeking privileges in the G-Link gameverse should mint their own Chief Toad. The Chief Toad NFTs will be minted from 5-7 July 2022, at a price of 0.08-0.1ETH and a total supply of 10,000. 

Beyond the Naruto-inspired art, Chief Toad comes with utilities, such as exclusively creating guilds in the gameverse, higher earnings in games, and early access to beta games and metaland sales.

To mint a Chief Toad NFT, refer to details via the official website: https://www.chieftoad.com/ 

GLINK token IDO: G-Link’s cross-game currency

The Initial Dex Offering (IDO) for G-Link’s platform GLINK token will be taking place in August 2022. Using the ERC-20 standard, the GLINK token’s total supply will be 1 billion tokens.

The GLINK token will enable all transactions on the G-Link blockchain  gaming platform:

  1. GSwap – Easily trade between in-game currencies
  2. Provide seed investment to back your dream game
  3. DAO voting rights
  4. Staking in liquidity pool
  5. Purchase of in-game assets, NFTs and virtual lands

Holders of the Chief Toad NFTs will benefit from being whitelisted for the GLINK token pre-sale, and getting a higher percentage of GLINK airdrops.

For updates and announcements about the GLINK IDO: https://t.me/glinkgroup 

About G-Link

G-Link is building the ecosystem that links the gaming community of gamers, game developers and investors. With the GLINK token enabling a gameverse of fun blockchain games, games incubator, NFT marketplace and the GSwap trading network, G-Link aims to bring Web 2.0 users to Web 3.0, through mobile gaming. For more information, visit https://glink.games/ or follow us @glinkgames.

About Chief Toad

Chief Toad is G-Link’s utility-first genesis NFT collection, which acts as a VIP membership into G-Link’s gameverse. For more information, visit https://chieftoad.com/ or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @chieftoadnft. Join the community on Discord now: https://discord.gg/chieftoad 

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