Fyooz marketplace – Star Tokens can now be purchased with a credit card in 134 countries


Fyooz, the popular culture meets DeFi marketplace where you invest in what you love, is ultra-excited to announce the arrival of a key component of the Fyooz marketplace: Star Tokens can now be purchased with a credit card in 134 countries.

While this sounds simple, credit card purchases of crypto assets have been a key hurdle in the ability for crypto to complete one of its main raison d’êtres – to bring financial inclusion and to realise the potential it holds for global economic reform.

Until Fyooz, entry into the crypto market via credit card purchase has been highly restricted, and available only to platforms performing adequate KYC/AML checks, creating an onerous barrier to entry for individuals wishing simply to dip their toe into the crypto market. Today, Fyooz lifts this barrier as Star Tokens can be purchased by credit card across 134 countries.

Fyooz now offers a frictionless entry point for crypto to accelerate to mainstream adoption. Fyooz is a marketplace that allows participation and engagement between stars and their fans. Fyooz is merging the capability of digital capital with the power of social capital to create a new type of currency – social money.

Together on Fyooz, stars and fans will unite to unleash a transformative opportunity for people to generate digital capital – monetized attention. Fyooz turns the attention you give or get into an asset, in effect – social money which can be exchanged for other utilities and benefits and/or into other currencies, digital or fiat.

Combining this ease of market entry with a concept that has such widespread appeal, Fyooz expects to fuel mainstream adoption of crypto assets. This progress comes as Fyooz has begun to onboard Star Tokens and has successfully passed their first audit with BDO, confirming that the rigorous requirements of FINMA (Switzerland’s Financial Regulator) have been met without restrictions or deficiencies.

To learn more about Fyooz, contact:
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