FYBIT has made the most convenient mobile version of the site for Crypto Traders


When you open FYBIT on your phone, you already have everything you need for successful trading on one screen. And it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced trader or a beginner, the simple and user-friendly interface will leave you with no questions about how to trade. If you are not logged in, then most of the menu pages will not be available to you, so it is better to log in or go through a simple registration, which will not take more than 1 minute. After authorization on the site, you will open all the features of the FYBIT platform, which are also available in the desktop version.

In the next guide, we will take a closer look at the mobile version of the platform, its capabilities, and see how convenient it is to manage trading from mobile devices.

  1. Chart tab

Even a novice trader will figure out how to work with a chart on the mobile version of the FYBIT platform. As well as on the desktop version of the platform, all the necessary functionality for technical analysis is also presented here. In the same way, you can change the price view, add indicators and use all the same drawing tools.

To easily change the chart type, go to the top left corner of the chart and click the “Chart types” button, which is shown as candles. This will allow you to change your chart to the various types supported by the FYBIT platform.

You can add an indicator to the chart by clicking the “Fx Indicators” button and selecting the desired indicator from the list.

To put any lines or drawings on the chart, you can use the left panel of the chart, where all the drawing tools are located.

The tools are organized into subgroups. Each group is based on similarities in the usefulness of the tools.

Below the chart, you can track all your open positions and pending limit orders. For ease of management, you can simply click on any position or order and you will automatically go to the tab with detailed data for the selected position or order. This allows you to quickly respond to various market situations.

Below on the same page you can track the price quotes of all 5 exchanges from which the FYBIT index is formed.

Thus, on the [Chart] tab, you can track the price, conduct technical analysis and manage your positions and outstanding orders.

  1. How to create orders in the mobile version of FYBIT?

We will now look at all the available order types that are available on the platform, starting with the limit order.

Limit order

Limit orders are set when you want to buy (or sell) at a price different from the current market price.

To open a limit order, go to the Create Order tab and click on the LIMIT button.

In the first field, you need to specify the amount of BTC for which you want to open a position, and in the second – the price. This is enough to open a position. Optionally, you can also use a stop loss price, upon reaching which, your position will be automatically closed.

Below you can set up leverage as well as automatic profit selling.

Once you have decided on all the values, you can click on the button to open a position. Here you have two options: “Buy Order Up” or “Buy Order Down”. After pressing the button, your position will be opened either for an increase or a decrease.

Market order

Market orders are the simplest type – they are used to immediately open a position and are executed at the current market price.

To open a market order, go to the Create Order tab and click on the MARKET button.

All you have to do here is enter the amount of BTC you want to open a position with and (optionally) enter a stop loss. Then you need to choose your leverage and decide if you want to open an order to buy up (the price is going up) or a buy order down (the price is going down).

For example, let’s open a Buy order UP of 0.0005 BTC and select 25x leverage. After clicking this button, a confirmation window will appear in which we must check all the details of the order, and if we have entered everything correctly, then click “Confirm”.

Once confirmed, our position will be opened and we will be notified that our order has been filled.

How to close a position?

To close your position, you can enter a stop loss or limit sell price that functions as a take profit, or simply click the “SELL Market” button and the position will be closed at the market price. You can also enable automatic selling of profits, for example, select 100% and once your unrealized PnL reaches 100%, your position will be automatically closed. You can also choose 200% and 300%.

Let’s now close the position we have opened.

To do this, we need to go to the [Positions] tab or select our position on the [Chart] tab in the “Positions” section. A table with our position will open.

Here, in addition to closing the position with the “Sell Market” button, we can also add or change Stop loss and Sell Limit – for this, we need to enter the desired prices in the appropriate fields.

When we click the “Sell Market” button, a confirmation window opens. After clicking the “Confirm” button, our position is closed at the market price.

How to cancel a limit order?

If you decide to open a position at the desired price, then you need to place a Buy limit order. Also, if you want to close your position with a take profit, then you need to place a Sell limit order. These order types will remain active until they are filled or you manually cancel them. All limit orders are located in the [Orders] tab.

Canceling these orders is very simple, you just need to click on the “Cancel Order” button and then confirm your choice in the subsequent confirmation pop-up window.

This is pretty much everything you need to know about trading on the FYBIT mobile platform.

  1. Overview of the main menu

In addition to the convenience of trading, it also provides very simple site navigation.

To call the main menu, you must click on the corresponding icon in the form of three stripes, which is located in the upper right corner.

The main menu will open, where you can navigate between pages, as well as switch the site to a dark / light theme. To switch to a dark/light theme, click on the “Sun” button, which is located in the upper right corner of the menu, and your theme will be changed.

The following pages are available in the main menu:

1) Deposit/Withdrawal

2) Chart

3) Positions

4) Conversion

5) Fees

6) History

7) Account and Preferences

8) Affiliate Account

9) Support

The name of each page speaks for itself, so even a novice trader can figure out what each page of the menu serves.

  1. Conclusion

The mobile version of the FYBIT platform is as simple and convenient as the desktop version, with its pros and cons. If you are constantly somewhere on the go, then the mobile version will be a great opportunity for full-fledged trading. But if you prefer to trade from a computer, then you can simply monitor the market situation and your positions from your phone, wherever you are. This is what the mobile version of the FYBIT platform was created for.

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