What Will the Future of School Look Like?

future of school

It’s no secret that the global pandemic may be sticking around for a while. With Omicron making the virus rise once again in record numbers, many traditional schools have been taking protective measures by bringing their students back into an online environment. But are Zoom-like instances really the best way to educate our children? The future of school doesn’t have to be yet another lame office Zoom meeting. Online education can be far more communal, bully-free, and transformative at one’s own learning pace.

A great school migration is happening before us right now. A recent survey showed that 57% of students feel more positive about online schooling in a post-pandemic world. Furthermore, only 19% of teens prefer in-school learning. This future of school can help students build the essential skills for success which include analytical thinking, active learning, and creativity and originality.

Learn more about what the future of school will look like in the visual deep dive below:

What Does the Future of School Look Like?

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