The Future of Nursing Homes Post-Pandemic

the future of nursing homes

People are now paying attention to nursing home problems, but these issues existed long before COVID-19. Nursing homes face a wide range of issues, including problems with poor living conditions and health code violations. Officials cited 94% of nursing homes for these violations, and 17% of these violations caused actual physical harm, including bedsores, medical confusions, bad diet or nutrition, and abuse and neglect. These problems are a cause for serious concern, as the requirement for nursing homes has increased. 65-year-olds have a 70% chance of needing long-term care, and 20% will require this care for more than five years. The future of nursing homes is important.

Nursing homes also faced financial issues in the past. From 1999 to 2008, 50% of hospital-based facilities closed down, 11% of freestanding facilities shut down, 10% of rural facilities closed down. If nursing homes do not reach a certain standard, they are at greater risk for closure. These problems are often emphasized if they deal with problematic recreation options and poorly constructed physical design, on top of high overhead costs, inadequate medical reimbursement, and breaches of biohazard safety.

These factors require a change in structure, but it is first necessary to understand architectural design basics for nursing homes. All nursing homes require the same basic layout, including patient rooms, lobby spaces, public and private bathrooms, staff rooms, and food preparation areas.

The composition of these buildings is important since it is a residence for senior citizens, and it is key to the enjoyment of their stay. Different units should include custodial — for bathing, feeding, and medicine administration, in-house — for in-home room and board, dietary, recreational, and rehabilitation to improve the patient’s health.

You should assemble nursing homes with the patients, family, and staff in mind to create a place that is welcoming and valuable. Constructors should use ergonomic appliances and technology, high-quality, budget-friendly, and economical technology, and high quality of care and attention to the work they do. To design a modern nursing home, you must consider a key factor — the residents. It is important to understand who your audience is, who the patients are, how many patients there will be, the length of their stay, what equipment is necessary, and the daily traffic. Moreover, designers should consider the interior, including how many rooms, if safety standards are met, and what kind of environment the designer is trying to create.

Furthermore, planners and builders should examine the options they have when creating the nursing home, including private and public spaces and outdoor areas. They should create a balance by alternating and deliberately modifying these options in their design to prevent repetition.

The budget needs to be centered around the quality of care when constructing nursing homes. Newly constructed nursing homes must fix the poor reputation they currently have. To remedy the past issues of these homes, you must carefully and meticulously build them. So, that includes automating repetitive tasks by locating tech to allow employees to prioritize other work, also eliminating unnecessary tasks.

It’s important to create large rooms with safety options and consider the visitors and patients to create an aesthetic environment. It is essential to invest in cost-effective architecture to minimize expenses, including nursing home flooring such as luxury vinyl tile for smooth and fall-proof surfaces and stone particle composite for waterproof abilities.

Ever since the pandemic began, hygiene is a key consideration to protect the patients from the virus and instill a feeling of safety and cleanliness in these homes when building them. The nursing home’s general ambiance and mood are crucial: it should feel warm and homely, personal and not detached. The focus should be on the patient.

Reimagining Nursing Homes From The Inside Out: Modern Design For A Whole New Look

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