Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Predicts a Halt in Fed’s Interest Rate Hikes, This AI-Powered Crypto Project Lures Elite Investors


In a recent interview this month, Tom Lee of Fundstrat expressed his optimism about the inflation numbers and market trends. He said that looking at the consumer price index (CPI) report in the beginning of August, the inflation rate is on a downward trend. He predicts that over the next three months the core CPI may reach 0.2 or less, which could prompt the Fed – or the U.S. Federal Reserve – to cease with the interest rate hikes.

The market is showing a lot of promise, especially with the introduction of a new cryptocurrency to buy. If you’re looking for the best crypto to invest in today, QUBE might interest you. This AI-powered cryptocurrency project has so far been successful in its pre-sale, which is still ongoing. Let’s find out why QUBE is attracting all kinds of investors.

QUBE: The Top Crypto to Buy Today

The cryptocurrency market is ever evolving. Just when industry insiders thought that certain projects are poised to revolutionize the industry, another one suddenly comes along. One particular project is InQubeta, which is a trailblazing platform aimed at bridging the gap between AI startups and investors. It’s a platform for democratic and accessible investments in the rising AI sector.

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InQubeta is the first cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform in the market. It allows fractional investment in artificial intelligence (AI) startups with the use of the QUBE token and through its popular NFT marketplace. It has a unique fee structure which includes a 2% buy and sell tax that directly goes to the burn wallet. In addition, it has a 5% sell tax that goes to a reward pool, which is an incentive scheme where holders can put a stake and earn. This AI-powered platform has taken the market by storm and is expected to flourish due to its innovative approach to investments.

QUBE is the backbone of InQubeta’s ecosystem, and it’s an ERC-20 token. What is ERC20? ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment 20 – a technical standard for smart contracts belonging to the Ethereum blockchain. QUBE is more than a hyped cryptocurrency for beginners; it’s a means to participate in a new paradigm for digital assets.

QUBE is integrated into the InQubeta NFT marketplace, thereby solidifying its position and allowing investors to easily participate in fractional investment opportunities. Industry experts are positive on the potential of QUBE, especially considering its solid performance during its presale phase. The QUBE token is now on its third presale phase, and its value has surged since then. Its strong showing only proves the trust and optimism a lot of investors have for this innovative cryptocurrency.

InQubeta Towards the Future

The market is abuzz as InQubeta has surpassed the $2.2 million mark during its presale. More than the funds raised, the success of this event is indicative of the confidence investors are placing in QUBE, and by extension, in AI startups which the platform immensely supports.

It can be argued that the best cryptocurrency to buy now is QUBE. While there may be some doubts, particularly for first time investors, InQubeta has demonstrated how its approach to AI and blockchain can revolutionize the way investments are made. The core belief of this emerging platform is that the future of technology lies mainly in AI. With innovations and developments in machine learning, robotics, and the like, AI startups are bound to thrive and grow, and InQubeta is one of the best places to invest in this burgeoning industry.

While the main focus is on its presale, InQubeta looks further into the future. Plans are underway for launching an NFT marketplace, InQubeta DAO, and InQubeta Swap. InQubeta has also committed to becoming a multi-chain platform in 2024. As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, InQubeta seeks to redefine the boundaries, showcasing the endless possibilities when opportunity meets innovation.

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