Fun Ways to Earn Crypto playing Online Games

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Technological advancement has played a role in the increase in online game players around the world. The latest ground-breaking innovation that has found its way into the iGaming world is cryptocurrency. If you’re yet to get with the times, we’ll tell you all about cryptocurrency and fun ways to earn them by playing online games.

What is cryptocurrency?

You’ve probably heard people talk about bitcoin or even heard about it on the news. Bitcoin is famous for being the first cryptocurrency, followed by Ethereum, Litecoin and so on. Just like your everyday money, you can buy and sell items, get paid, and even gamble online with cryptocurrencies. However, cryptos are virtual or digital currency, so you can’t keep them in your purse or bank account. However, they are safe to use and even offer some extra protection, like allowing you to spend anonymously.

One reason some people invest in a cryptocurrency is the fact that it can be traded and is considered a means of wealth accumulation. So if you wonder why punters like you are seeking fun ways to earn crypto playing online games, you have your answers already. Next, we’ll see how to earn digital currencies..

Fun ways to earn cryptocurrencies as a gamer

Online gambling and other internet gaming activities require placing bets and winning real money if you get lucky. Of course, since winning real money is possible, then it shouldn’t be a challenge to win crypto as well, as a gamer. These few crypto-earning opportunities are open to you while you play your favourite games.

Play at a crypto-friendly casino: Playing the most-loved games at crypto casinos has been gaining attraction all over Europe. For instance, online blackjack is becoming more popular in the UK, while a huge increase in player counts can be seen for video poker in Finland.

Many casinos now allow customers to gamble using specific cryptocurrencies. More interestingly, these casinos offer free amounts of their chosen virtual currency to customers as welcome bonuses. Grabbing these bonus offers is a fool-proof way to earn some crypto without trying too hard. Sometimes, these bonuses may not require an initial deposit to use. Thus, if you get a no-deposit bonus, you could earn withdrawable wins in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Play crypto esports competitions: Esports gaming seems to be one of the top trends in the iGaming world. While there are several tournaments where players can win real money, there are also competitions where winners can earn cryptocurrencies. Finding these competitions will only require a quick surf on the net, an application to join, and finally playing to win.

Play CryptoPop: If you enjoy playing games on your mobile phone, you can now enjoy some downloadable crypto games like CryptoPop. Similar to games like Candy-crush, CryptoPop lets you earn cryptocurrencies by popping some bubbles. The more bubbles you pop, the higher your crypto-earning chances. Players don’t have to worry about safety since the game pays through Coinbase. This is one of the safest forms of crypto exchanges presently. 

Bitcoin Solitaire: This is another mobile crypto game that you can earn crypto by playing. Bitcoin Solitaire is a traditional solitaire game that offers points, depending on how fast you play. Players can then use Coinbase to convert their points into cryptocurrency. This is a fantastic game for mining cryptocurrency, and it stands out from the pack.

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