From Obscurity to Fame: Why This Hidden Gem Will Outshine UMA Crypto (UMA) with 1000% Upside


Cryptocurrency has emerged as a dominant force in the global economy, with its market capitalization surpassing trillions of dollars. This shift towards virtual realities is reshaping various sectors of society, including entertainment, business, and environmental initiatives. Through diverse tokens and decentralised finance (DeFi) projects, cryptocurrencies are addressing a wide range of real-world challenges and paving the way for a new era of possibilities.

Unlike trending DeFi launches, the UMA project looks to improve the less explored world of finance. The platform aids existing financial institutions in verifying and cataloging their records on safe systems like blockchains.

The UMA platform has gained significant popularity since its launch in 2018, but Pikamoon’s launch promises to eclipse the veteran project in months. From the presale to the gaming platform, Pikamoon offers the ideal balance every crypto enthusiast desires.

Uma-Prime Financial Services on the Blockchain

Uma is a project based on the Ethereum blockchain that uses the blockchain to improve financial services worldwide. The platform uses oracles to receive, verify, and transfer data to the blockchain site, where it is stored securely for later access.

Users gain from the platform’s operations by voting on failed verifications. Since the voters act as the human components of the verification process, they stand to gain token rewards when they ‘dispute’ a data entry. There is also the option of staking assets to earn commissions from blockchain validators.

There are only a few options for making money from the UMA project. Users are restricted to being voters or validators, even though both choices don’t give encouraging results. The new toast of the cryptocurrency market, Pikamoon, addresses this flaw by providing a metaverse gaming option and an NFT marketplace for users to explore.

Get ready for the gaming revolution; it’s Pikamoon time!

Pikamoon: The Best Gaming Interface, At Your Convenience

While the typical gaming platform only gives P2E benefits, Pikamoon’s developers have incorporated much more into the budding gamefi project, aiming for a top-ten post-launch rank.

The Pikamoon project features a high-level gaming outlay, featuring attributes of the classic animation Pokémon, as the developers looked to the cartoon for inspiration to develop a gaming interface that resonates with every crypto gamer. The landscape was crafted using advanced game development technology courtesy of Unreal Engine 5. Hence, you’ll find Pikamoon’s graphics beat every other platform in the GameFi niche.

All that is still regular, so the question is, what does Pikamoon do differently? Well, here they are.

  • Pro-gaming, pro-rewards!

There are several game quests in the Pikamoon ecosystem, both PvP and offline. So what to do with all that game time? Battle your way up the ranks, earn more rewards. Interestingly, Pikamoon gamers can withdraw their game tokens to their crypto wallets for use outside the platform. Since the game is an RPG, there are countless opportunities to earn game rewards and accumulate PIKA tokens.

  • Offline? No problems!

In many massive multiplayer online games, staying offline seriously damages your game progress. On the other hand, Pikamoon has an offline mode where you can keep earning your tokens if you don’t want the multiplayer modes. So, if you’re not feeling very competitive now, Pikamoon is still your go-to choice for a premium gaming experience.

  • Unreal Studios, Unreal Gaming!

The basis for premium gaming includes an attractive landscape and even more striking, high-quality components. Pikamoon gets a ten over ten in this aspect, as the developers resorted to the best game development tech, the Unreal 5 engine, to create their game’s outlook. The attractive and vivid 3D images of both NFTs and the gameplay are attributes of the Unreal engine, and we can expect more in future upgrades.

Join the ongoing Pikamoon’s Presale

And Pikamoon’s not done yet. The token’s presale is the best news to hit the market in months. It’s already in its second phase, and the earliest investors have reeled in 100% of their investments. Join the Pikamoon train now while the presale is still on before the potential returns dip even further. Click here to get your PIKA coins and stay up-to-date with news from the developers.

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