From Meme Coins To GameFi Tokens: Why Shiba Inu Holders Are Turning To Pikamoon For Their Next Big Thing In Crypto


While most meme coins might have started out as jokes, the majority of them have proven to be great investment opportunities. Due to their relatively low price compared to bitcoin, investors are able to buy so many, which leads to an even higher return for them.

From big-time players to newbies hoping to get lucky, every single Shiba Inu investor was hoping the meme coin would make it to the moon. Shiba was more like the rocket that lacked enough thrust. Rather than going to the moon, it fell back to earth midway.

With a little over 1200% returns in a month and a few weeks, no doubt a lot of investors made a fortune while the Shiba Inu hype lasted. Nonetheless, when the hype faded and the dust settled, a higher percentage of stakeholders in Shiba Inu were just liquidity for the smart investors who took profit.

Let’s face it. Crypto startups without applicable use cases and real-life value always falter. They are bubbles that eventually burst and leave a lot of investors with nothing. No one wants such a drastic devaluation in their portfolio. This is why Shiba Inu investors are betting their money on Pikamoon, the next big thing in the crypto space.

Times have changed, and investors are frantically hunting for projects with better utilities and real-world applications. Crypto enthusiasts are turning from meme coins to Pikamoon. A project they can trust to offer steady gains, longevity, and security. It doesn’t get better than Pikamoon, and that’s where smart investors are placing their bets.

Pikamoon: The Next Big GameFi Token

Investors are always on the hunt for the next big thing, and words on the street are: Pikamoon is the game changer for 2023. Pikamoon wasn’t just an idea born out of thin air. Pikamoon was created after a thorough observation of successful projects in the crypto industry. Pikamoon is thus set up for success from the start.

Pikamoon is a revolutionary play-to-earn game that will change the face of GameFi forever. The Pikaverse is aimed at setting a whole new industry standard and redefining the metaverse as we know it. If you and your buddies enjoyed playing Fortnite, you’re in for a wild adventure with Pikamoon. The Pikamoon game is built on the best gaming engine in the industry: Unreal Engine 5. Gamers can’t wait to get their hands on it, and investors can’t wait to bet on the $PIKA token.

The Pikamoon token is a deflationary cryptocurrency. This means that at no point in time in the future will there be more than 50 billion $PIKA tokens. As a matter of fact, there would be less. A portion of every $PIKA token used for trading in the Pikaverse will be burned forever.

With demand on the rise and a limited supply of $PIKA in circulation, this will ultimately lead to an exponential increase in the value of $PIKA. This is one of the many reasons investors are flocking to the Pikaverse.

Put your money on $PIKA in 2023; it is the smartest bet. Investors are aware of this, which is why they are reserving seats on the Pikamoon spaceship. It’s definitely going to the moon and beyond. Don’t get left behind.

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