French Tech Founder Who Bought $18m of Shiba Inu (SHIB) Says This New Altcoin Is 100x Better


A new crypto project has attracted the attention of a top French tech founder who was an early investor in Shiba Inu. With a strong track record, the investor believes this altcoin could be one of the best-performing projects of 2023, offering better returns than many of the market’s best-known projects.

At the same time, Shiba Inu recently hit a five month low, which has caused many investors to look for alternatives and recoup recent losses. Here’s why this new altcoin could help them do just that.

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Shiba Inu Struggles Amid Market Downturn

Shiba Inu, the world’s second largest memecoin by market cap, has decreased in value by 23.52% in the last month. This decline has been triggered by a wider market crash, in which crypto’s global market cap has decreased from $1.16 trillion to roughly $1.13 trillion at the time of writing.

As well as its price declining, the Shiba Inu burn rate is also down by 9% with just 1.8 million SHIB tokens being sent to dead wallets. This is a huge decline from the 3.01 billion coins burned on May 15th and suggests that investors could be losing confidence in the project.

To make matters worse, despite being announced by Shiba Inu developers earlier in the year, an official release date for Shibarium has still not been released, which is causing tension throughout the Shiba Inu community.

While many competitors are releasing several new updates, Shiba Inu is starting to fall behind. Should this trend continue, the price of Shiba Inu is predicted to fall further in May, which has caused many investors to sell their SHIB tokens.

What Altcoin Has Attracted The Attention Of A Top Tech Founder?

Although Shiba Inu appears to be on a downward spiral, a new altcoin has attracted the attention of investors and a well-known French tech founder. The project is called Tradecurve and looks to disrupt the current exchange model by combining traditional finance with DeFi.

With a long-term roadmap already in place, Tradecurve looks to offer a secure alternative to centralized exchanges. Following the FTX scandal and the recent increase in regulation, investors are now looking for new ways to invest. Using Tradecurve, investors can trade anonymously while retaining full control of their assets.

Tradecurve’s trading platform is designed to be the best the market has ever seen. It will offer leverage of 500:1, industry-leading security, and a multitude of traditional assets, including Forex, CFDs, and stocks, as well as crypto options.

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Could Tradecurve Compete With The Crypto Giants?

Tradecurve quickly sold out during phase one of its presale and, after a 20% price increase, is selling out fast during phase two. TCRV tokens, which offer several benefits to holders, are currently selling for $0.012 per token, with 20% of round two tokens already sold out.

Given its current growth rate, analysts are already comparing Tradecurve to the ICO of Binance Coin, which started at $0.011. With great features and potential to compete with the likes of Kraken and Coinbase, experts believe TCRV tokens will increase by 50x before their presale ends, with growth rates of 100x predicted once Tradecurve is listed on popular exchanges.

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