French Clothing Brand Lacoste Expands Web3 Presence with Launch of UNDW3

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Lacoste, a popular French company selling clothing, footwear, and accessories, is expanding its Web3 presence by launching UNDW3 (pronounced underwater). The company is promoting the launch as the start of a new era for its iconic brand.

UNDW3 will enable the Lacoste community to contribute to the brand’s Fashion-Sport vision in a more direct way and enjoy unique experiences.

The initial stage of UNDW3 is the drop of an NFT (non-fungible token) collection consisting of 11,212 units. The tokens represent collectibles depicting crocodiles – inspired by the company’s popular Logo. The number of tokens was selected on purpose and refers to L1212, which is the name of the first polo created by the brand’s founder René Lacoste in 1933. The NFT drop launches on June 14, 2022, at 12:12 pm CET and the initial price is 0.08 ETH per NFTThen for the raffle winners on June 15, 2022, at 16:12 pm CET, there will be more winners than NFT make sure to be the first there. Check if you won on :

Previously, Lacoste tested the Web3 ground by joining forces with Minecraft to develop Croco Islands, a virtual world providing unique gaming experiences. Besides the metaverse experience, the collaboration resulted in a dedicated clothing collection.

Now Lacoste is ready to build upon its own vision of Web3, and UNDW3 will likely give the community more hints about the new direction of the brand.

UNDW3 upgrades the customer and brand experience by enabling community members to take ownership of Lacoste in an innovative and creative way.

The company’s Chief Brand Officer, Catherine Spindler, commented:

UNDW3 attests to our desire to accompany the phenomenon of decentralization driven by Web3 and bears witness to our ambitions in this area as well as to the power of our brand: to bring together our communities and connect cultures around the crocodile, a true rallying sign throughout the world, by proposing an experiential, interactive and co-creative universe, in the image of Lacoste’s creativity and avant-gardism.”

Prior to the June 14 launch, Lacoste initiated a dedicated discord server on June 6 to update its community in real-time on UNDW3. The discord server saw more than 30,000 subscribers in the first 48 hours, anticipating a great success for the brand’s digital experience.

NFT holders have privileged access to Lacoste’s UNDW3 universe, which is meant to be a long-term collaborative community. Collectors will enjoy access to digital, physical, and experiential benefits and perks, such as co-created products exclusively for them.

Lacoste’s foray into Web3 reflects the brand’s mission to connect different cultures and communities, bringing together the fans of blockchain and NFTs, the Lacoste brand, and pop culture members.

UNDW3 is only the first phase of the company’s development in Web3, as the adoption of the new iteration of the internet will continue over the next few seasons.

Lacoste joins other clothing and fashion brands adopting the blockchain and Web3 trend in an effort to stay competitive in a fast-changing digitalized world.

Last year, French luxury brand Louis Vuitton launched an NFT game to commemorate the brand’s bicentennial birthday. Called ‘Louis: The Game’, the app has been downloaded over 2 million times. Popular NFT artist Beeple, who created the most expensive NFT artwork, designed 30 collectibles embedded within the game, which can be won by players. In April of this year, Louis Vuitton launched two more levels for its NFT game.

Elsewhere, Italian fashion brand Gucci has gone even further. Besides launching its own metaverse experience through Gucci Town, the company now accepts crypto payments in some of its US-based stores, with plans to expand to all North American stores within the next three months. Gucci parent Kering, which also owns Balenciaga and Saint Laurent, wants to become a pioneer in Web3.

Kering chief client and digital officer Grégory Boutté stated during a press conference:

 “We think that Web3 and NFTs are a real breakthrough and we want to be pioneers on that. Luxury has a role to play. There’s a real opportunity for us to create digital products that would be ways to express our houses.” 

NFTs and metaverse give brands like Lacoste new ways to express their vision and communicate with their audiences.

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