How to Get a College Level Education Online for Free

free online education

Although going to college means making an exorbitant amount of sacrifices need to be made to get a degree, and in recent years college degrees have been offering less and less. 73% of graduates get a degree unrelated to their degree. There are quite a few reasons to get a free online education, and the cost is a large factor. The average student spends around 35,720 USD per year to get a degree. People have noticed, as 42% of Americans are using free online resources for education. Ironically, one of the easiest ways to get an education online is to go to the college website and take free or extremely inexpensive classes. College websites aren’t the only place to get online educations, as many 3rd party services offer online classes as well. The traditional ways aren’t always the best ways, and college is no expectation. Learn how to get an free college education online in the infographic below:

How To Give Yourself A College-Level Education For Free Online
Source: CollegeCliffs

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