Frank Miller Signs with Gala Games to Inaugurate the Launch of Gala.Art

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The world of Non-Fungible Tokens continues to grow and evolve. More and more prominent individuals are throwing their hats into the ring to be part of this trend. Frank Miller will help create a commemorative NFT series with the help of Gala Games and Concept Art House.

Bringing More Legitimacy To NFTs

The initial wave of Non-Fungible Tokens was met with a fair bit of criticism. Many onlookers deemed it a “cash grab” and a “bubble that would pop soon”. Fast forward to today, and interest in NFTs continues to soar.This becomes apparent when looking at the surging interest by developers to build NFT data aggregation services to help users navigate this new landscape. 

As more recognizable individuals aim to create memorable collections and reach a broader audience, the overall appeal of this industry will continue to grow. Attracting the help of renowned artists, celebrities, athletes, and others is a difficult task, but significant progress has been made over the years. 

As a new type of gaming platform, Gala Games aims to empower its users by giving them partial ownership and enabling freedom through playing. Founded by Zynga co-founder Eric Schiermeyer, the current objective is to redefine the blockchain and gaming industries. Using Non-Fungible Tokens for this purpose can provide bonuses to players.

The team is currently building Mirandus, an MMORPG/Adventure Simulator that will redefine the traditional gaming model by letting the players be in control of the game and its economy. NFTs will play a big role in these proceedings. In addition to gaming, Gala Games is diversifying into game and geek-culture related drops such as those in collaboration with Frank Miller to create best-in-class digital art with verifiable ownership of limited-edition digital prints.

The Storied Career of Frank Miller

Fans of the Netflix series Cursed and the Sin City movie will know the name Frank Miller. He is a writer and artist who helped achieve a higher level of storytelling in comics. Miller is also an executive producer of the 300 movie and serves as a professional comic book artist for Daredevil, Elektra, and Spectacular Spider-Man. Having such a renowned artist on board to create a commemorative NFT series elevates the industry to a whole new level.

The entire series will revolve around Sin City, the epic graphic novel, and the subsequent film, which still holds a Metascore of 74 to this day. This movie, directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, featured such names as Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, and Elijah Wood, earned several awards, including those for Best Animated Film, Best Supporting Actor, the Technical Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, and multiple Golden Schmoes. It is an iconic movie and deserves to be commemorated through non-Fungible Tokens that will live on the blockchain forever. 

These limited-edition NFTs will be part of the unveiling of the Gala.Art initiative. Efforts like these often attract much attention as the NFTs are limited editions of unique artwork that will remain the sole property of their owner. 

Closing Thoughts

To give Non-Fungible Tokens a more mainstream appeal, collaborations with renowned artists and creators will prove essential. Seeing Frank Miller pay attention to this industry further confirms there are still many opportunities to be unlocked shortly. NFTs Will not go away anytime soon, as the industry continues to grow and expand beyond what most people ever thought possible. Verifiable ownership of digital artwork on the blockchain is still an appealing concept to many people globally.

By bringing more limited edition creations to the blockchain, Gala Games and Concept Art House pave the way for more prominent future collaborations. Additionally, the launch of the Gala.Art initiative will help redefine the digital art space by bringing permanent limited Non-Fungible Tokens to the collectors market. 

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