Fracton Protocol’s hiBAKC Token Achieves 1,100% Price Surge Amid Debut

CryptoMode Fracton Protocol

Fracton Protocol has taken the crypto world by storm with the launch of hiBAKC on KuCoin, a groundbreaking ERC-20 token that has sent shockwaves throughout the industry. Fractionalizing the highly coveted Bored Ape Kennel Club Collection, hiBAKC has exceeded all expectations, soaring by a staggering 1,100% on its debut day of trading, according to their recent press release.

This remarkable achievement demonstrates the token’s product-market solid fit, even amidst the current NFT downturn. As the excitement surrounding hiBAKC continues to build, Fracton Protocol has introduced a grand lucky draw, offering a prize pool of $50,000 and a selection of prestigious blue chip NFTs, further igniting the enthusiasm within the community.

The launch of hiBAKC marks a historic milestone in fractionalized tokens. Joining Fracton Protocol’s esteemed hiNFT token family on KuCoin as its 27th addition, hiBAKC has shattered the boundaries of innovation and accessibility. By breaking down each highly sought-after NFT from the Bored Ape Kennel Club Collection into one million tokens, hiBAKC has made these prized digital assets accessible to a broader audience of crypto exchange users.

Fracton Protocol’s track record of hiNFT launches speaks for itself. Each introduction has witnessed an astonishing 10 to 20 times surge in price on its debut day, capturing the crypto community’s attention.

As the first-ever Bored Ape Kennel Club fractional token listed on a crypto exchange, hiBAKC encapsulates the vision of innovation and accessibility that has become synonymous with Fracton Protocol. Since its inception, Fracton Protocol has left an indelible mark on the market, facilitating over $3.3 billion in total trading volume and enabling the issuance and locking of millions of NFTs through its secure smart contracts.

The unprecedented surge of hiBAKC on KuCoin signifies a significant shift in the NFT landscape. Mainstream crypto users, previously deterred by the complexities and risks associated with NFT purchases, have found a bridge to participation. Fracton Protocol’s revolutionary approach of making highly desired NFTs more accessible and affordable through fractionalization has demystified NFT investment, reducing risks and attracting a broader audience to the world of NFTs.


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