Four Upcoming Games with Blockchain and NFT Features

Blockchain is the next frontier for gaming. We explore four upcoming titles in this exciting space.

The future of gaming is evolving at an unprecedented rate, with blockchain technology and decentralized economies at the forefront of this transformation. This article delves into four upcoming games that are integrating blockchain and NFTs to redefine the way we play, from “Edenbrawl’s” unique mix of MOBA and brawler elements to “CaesarVerse’s” innovative blend of education and thrilling gameplay.

CaesarVerse – An Educational Adventure in Ancient Rome

CaesarVerse offers an engaging combination of education and entertainment through its gameplay.
CaesarVerse offers an engaging combination of education and entertainment through its gameplay.

CaesarVerse, a game that combines history and gaming, takes players on a journey through the Roman Empire. By focusing on player interaction with the digital world, the game allows players to engage with historical figures and interact with objects authentic to the period. 

The game offers three distinct modes: open-world exploration, PvE legion service, and PvP battles. Players navigate the Roman landscape, engage in its socio-economic activities, participate in expanding the empire through cooperative service in the legions, and engage in combat scenarios. As well as being an engaging platform to learn about the ancient Roman era, CaesarVerse includes a strategic MMO battle mode.

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CaesarVerse integrates blockchain technology to enhance gameplay and plans to introduce Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to provide early playtest access. This feature allows players to contribute feedback during the development process. The game also includes a unique ranking system for legionary combat, fostering dynamic gameplay.

In addition to the game aspects, CaesarVerse fosters a community where players can compete, collaborate, and create their legacy in a digital ancient Rome. Blockchain technology allows players to own, trade, and potentially earn rewards for in-game achievements.

Colin Helm, CEO of
Colin Helm, CEO of

Colin Helm, the CEO of, said the goal of the game is to combine Roman historical fact with engaging gameplay to provide a balance between entertainment and learning. This could offer an alternative to traditional classroom learning methods, providing a more immersive and enjoyable way to learn. 

For those interested in experiencing CaesarVerse, a live demo will be available at

Edenbrawl – Skill-Based MOBA Meets Fast-Paced Brawler

Elden Brawl offers fast-paced MOBA gaming and unique NFT mechanics.
Elden Brawl offers fast-paced MOBA gaming and unique NFT mechanics.

Offering an innovative and compelling approach to MOBA gaming, Edenbrawl presents a fusion of high-octane brawler action with deep MOBA strategy. Developed by Koza Games using Unreal Engine 4, Edenbrawl employs skill-based WASD combat and unique playstyles, making every match unique and addicting.

Shaking up traditional gameplay mechanics, Edenbrawl implements a novel ‘Mobrawler’ concept where action combat of a brawler intertwines with the endless depth of a MOBA, a perfect combination for new and veteran players. Its unique mode, Edenball, blends Capture the Flag, FIFA, and intense brawler combat, requiring strong team coordination for victory.

At the heart of Edenbrawl lies the concept of decentralized gaming, introducing Hero Cards, a profile portrait NFT mechanic. Players can stake these NFTs to gain buffs, progress in the game, and participate in the ecosystem. Moreover, the game features six dwelling tiers which players can personalize and level up to unlock various in-game rewards and progressions. 

Edenbrawl champions a colorful cast of characters, each bearing their unique backstory and abilities, making them more than just avatars in the game but unforgettable entities with whom players can forge a strong connection. The community thrives in these interactive relationships and an engaging gaming environment that truly stands out from conventional MOBAs.

Embrace the thrill of Edenbrawl at

Worldwide Webb: Retro-Inspired NFT-Integrated Gaming

Pixel art and blockchain collide in Worldwide Webb.
Pixel art and blockchain collide in Worldwide Webb.

Worldwide Webb, founded by Thomas Webb, is a browser-based MMO game with a distinct retro, Super Nintendo-esque style. It converts more than a million Ethereum NFT avatars into 2D pixel characters, creating an immersive world where players can interact, explore, and compete. Despite the nostalgic visual style, the game delivers a fully modern, web-based experience complete with compelling storytelling.

This game extends beyond typical gaming experiences by allowing players to plug in their Ethereum wallets and use NFT avatars from popular collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and Cool Cats. Even the game’s land plots are NFTs, giving players the freedom to customize their digital apartments and trade them, fostering a more inclusive, decentralized gaming economy.

Worldwide Webb introduces a “compete-to-mint” mechanic in its player-vs-player mode, Blockbusterz. By participating and excelling in this competitive mode, players can earn NFTs, adding a valuable play-to-earn dimension to the gameplay. 

Worldwide Webb’s design encourages robust community interaction. Players can collaborate and compete with others in real-time, creating an engaging, socially dynamic virtual environment. The platform’s integration of hundreds of NFT collections also allows for unique cross-collection interactions and battles, strengthening community bonds.

To find out more about Worldwide Webb and its continuous development, visit the official website

Metalcore: Revolutionary Blend of Metal Mayhem and Blockchain

Metalcore is an adrenaline-filled open world set in a futuristic conflict.
Metalcore is an adrenaline-filled open world set in a futuristic conflict.

Metalcore is an intense, combined arms shooter set on the war-ravaged planet of Kerberos. With over 150 mechs, tanks, infantry, and aircraft to collect and master, players can immerse themselves in both PVE and PVP gameplay. This game offers an open-world experience with opportunities for exploration, resource looting, and mission completion. Players can choose their allegiance from three battling factions, and their choices have a direct impact on the struggle for Kerberos’ dominance.

Metalcore’s innovative design integrates blockchain technology, using its in-game token, FAB, and NFTs. This allows players to truly own and monetize their assets—from aircraft and war machines to pilots, weapons, and in-game currency—within an open marketplace. With these assets, players can trade, rent, or gift to other players, providing a sense of agency and financial independence.

Unlike traditional games where resources can’t be used outside the game, Metalcore enables players to profit from their efforts. Everything owned, built, or upgraded within the game is a player-owned NFT, paving the way for real-world earnings. This play-to-earn model extends to various aspects, including vehicle customization, FAB token trading, rental of war machines, or land rent collection.

Players can join or lead guilds, engage in territory wars, and interact with others in the expansive sandbox map. These elements contribute to a thriving, interactive community and amplify the social dimension of gameplay.

Further details and updates can be found on Metalcore’s official website

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