Four Crypto Projects With a Social Purpose to Keep An Eye on

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There is no doubt that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in general have gained growing public adoption and acceptance in recent years. Although there are an estimated 24 million active Bitcoin wallets around the world, in comparison to the 3.2 billion people active on the internet. The belief is that as more people adopt blockchain and the technology matures, projects will start to implement new and creative ways to use it.

Blockchain’s impact is now transcending major industries and finding its way to improve social sustainability in and of itself. Several projects are using blockchain to connect the world through social impact. There are some crypto projects that stand for a social purpose in the Charity space. This article examines the top cryptocurrency projects with a social mission and how blockchain innovation is truly making a difference.


Philcoin is a blockchain movement that aims to use blockchain to bring the world together while also creating a new economy of giving. The project was founded in 2021 and is focused on philanthropy while supporting the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The blockchain project’s goal is to make transactions easier and to help people receive something back when they transact. The Blockchain project has received several awards, including the AIBC Social Impact Project of the Year in Malta.

Philcoin is an initiative that recognizes the importance of education, health, equality, and economic growth in reducing poverty and suffering around the world, as well as combating climate change and preserving the environment. Philcoin advanced its mission by developing a mobile app with a revolutionary messenger service that rivaled even some of the world’s largest market players. This app is available on the iOS and Android app stores, and it has already received over 60,000 downloads in its first week of launch.


Vera has developed a simple and effective method for businesses to offset their plastic footprint. The platform is essentially a simple way to offset your plastic footprint by funding jobs that keep plastic out of the ocean.

Being Vera-Certified contributes to the creation of new jobs for people who collect ocean-bound plastic. You will not only help to alleviate poverty, but you will also ensure that plastic does not end up in our oceans! The best part about Vera is that everything is done on the blockchain, resulting in a traceable, auditable supply chain that ensures our promise.Join Vera’s group, which already offsets over 40,000 plastic bottles per month and has a total offset count of 2,141,212 plastic items!


Cherr leverages the power of blockchain solutions to help those in need and to promote philanthropy. Cherr’s primary goal is to bring the product to market with full smart contract support and to attract new charity organizations with live campaigns. Cherr is investing in the future of charity by providing blockchain-based charitable donation solutions. They pool these resources in a cohesive and systematic manner in order to achieve the Global Goals. Cherr’s goal is to make this technology available to all charitable organizations by developing a universal platform that will improve and expand existing fundraising processes, increase transparency, and strengthen public trust in charitable organizations.


Alice is an Ethereum-based social financing and impact management platform. The platform creates an incentives-based structure for organizations (Non-profits, NGOs, and social enterprises) to run projects transparently by ensuring they are paid more when their objectives are met. Each project’s performance is made public, making it easier for funders (philanthropic organizations, impact investors, and small donors) to identify and scale social projects that actually work. Shared impact data also aids in the reduction of due diligence and reporting costs, as well as the collaboration of social organizations. It is also worth noting that Alice is a pioneer in the social impact sector for end-to-end decentralisation. The platform’s decentralized storage and data processing infrastructure provides their “Charity” partners with complete data security, while their beneficiaries enjoy complete anonymity, privacy, and control over their data.

Final Thoughts 

It appears that as the world becomes more integrated with the Internet, more and more will soon be integrated into cryptocurrency innovation resulting in a more efficient world. Crypto projects like Alice, Vera, Cherr, and Philcoin are forging a true path to connecting the world through social impact and accountability.

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