One aspect of today’s alt-asset market that a lot of people are interested in is figuring out how much cryptocurrencies have grown during a specific period of time. Accessing that information in a convenient manner is not all that hassle-free but with a bit of research, it’s easy enough to come by. Looking back over the past three months, a lot of interesting changes have taken place within the virtual-currency sector.

The Biggest Losers

Most people are aware that the past five months have not been great for cryptocurrency with almost all of the big players losing a lot of value. Bitcoin, for example, lost 31.54% of its intrinsic worth and although such a decline isn’t anything new, it does show that the situation needs to improve fairly soon. Litecoin is on this list as well, with a steep 40.71% decline in its overall value.

Those numbers are still pretty low compared to other altcoins. Ethereum Classic dropped 46.78% in three months, which indicates a rather negative trend. Dash is also down by 45.49%, whereas Monero lost 51.05%. NEO is the biggest “loser” in the entire top 20, with a 54.07% decline in value over a three month period. It has been a tough time, although it remains to be seen if the worst is behind us at this stage.

The Status Quo

In the world of cryptocurrency, there are losses, gains, and sideways momentum. Although that latter category is in the vast minority, some coins managed to sustain their value somewhat without going in the deep red or in the green. Tether is an obvious example, yet one that doesn’t count. IOTA lost just 2.9% of its value in the past three months, whereas Bitcoin Cash only gave up 4.82%.  Pretty solid for both currencies, although the industry is still under a lot of negative pressure.

The Big Winners

As one would expect, some currencies have bucked the negative trend over the past three months with relative ease. More specifically, there are currencies include TRX, which went up by 28.53%. Similarly, Binance Coin noted some solid gains as its value increased by 44.61%. 

In second place, there is Bytecoin with a very solid gain of 51.57% over the past three months. While the numbers are pretty spectacular they don’t even come close to the figures presented by EOS, an altcoin whose value has soared by 83.26% recently. This is despite having a main net that was only launched last week.

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