Former Top 2% OnlyFans Model Preparing New NFT Collection For $99999

Onlyfans Model, ImUrHappiness
Onlyfans Model, ImUrHappiness

ImUrHappiness, that’s what the OnlyFans users know her as. Her instagram says she’s fueled by sunshine and addicted to travel. Her pseudonym is ‘Ocean,’ the only name she allows people to call her. And she’s never before allowed video calls, preferring to remain somewhat of an enimga. However, all of this will change soon as the 20-something exotic bombshell is going to release her first a NFT for $99999.
What comes with the ImUrHapinessNFT

This NFT will be an 18+ artwork titled “Ocean’s 1.” It’s a 1-of-1 3D rendering of an early photo of Ocean photo that was never released to the public. The buyer will also become owner of the original photo and its commercial rights.

Like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen’s Non-Fungible Tokens, this will come with a touch of physical product as well. The social media model whose tag is ImUrhappiness will allow the buyer to have a live video call for up to 30 minutes. In this session the NFT owner can ask whatever they like, so long as it’s not offensive.

Perhaps one lucky suitor with the right crypto-funds can win her over by ‘shooting his shot.’
Fashion Worn Comes With NFT

And last, the ‘rarely seen’ fashion items she wore in the photo will also be delivered to the Ocean’s 1 NFT.

Either way, this will be the most expensive NFT sold by an OnlyFans model [view profile] in history (thus far) if it does sell.

Fans of the Asian adult model are feverishly debating over what the image could be. Some think it’s a pinup style photo while others think it’s something completely revealing and explicit. The best fan opinion perhaps is ImUrHapiness in a ‘Furries’ theme, dressed up like a female dog.
Release date inspired by Michael Jordan & Magic Johnson

All fans will find out on March 2nd. Ocean’s NFT will release on the date ‘32-23’ which she credits to her favorite basketball players, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.

The “Ocean’s 1” NFT is likely to be sold on MAGIC Eden, a Solana (SOL) blockchain based marketplace. However, this is not yet confirmed as the top 1% onlyfan’s model is considering other marketplaces as well.

The final release of the NFT will be inaugurated live via Ocean’s official instagram @ImUrHappiness.

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