The internet allows for many lucrative business models, assuming they are compliant with laws and regulations. One former KYC worker decided to run his own version of Silk Road, and has now been arrested for doing so. 

Many people are familiar with the silk road marketplace.

From KFC to a Darknet Marketplace

It was a darknet operation specializing in all kinds of illegal and illicit activity.

Most of the media focuses rests on how drugs were bought and sold globally through this marketplace.

Since its closure many years ago, darknet marketplaces have both thrived and fallen apart in very quick succession.

It is now an official point of focus for law enforcement agencies across the entire world.

One such investigation resulted in the arrest of Paul Johnson, aged 32.

According to local sources, he collected over $2 million in profits by running an online drug marketplace. 

As a former KFC worker, this was a rather serious career change.

His initial arrest and sentencing took place several months ago, as he will serve eight years in jail. 

However, the investigation is still ongoing, and more evidence has come to light recently. 

His wife Lia has been sentenced to a suspended two-year jail sentence. 


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