Former Binance V.P. Comments on TwitterFi — Golden Inu Ready For Huge Burn

Golden Inu ($GOLDEN) Could Lift Binanace blockchain to new heights with help of TwitterFi
Golden Inu ($GOLDEN) Could Lift Binanace blockchain to new heights with help of TwitterFi

Former Vice President of Binance, Xin Jiang, recently commented on the rapid developments expected to take part in the future of the cryptocurrency landscape. In a blog post, Jiang commented on the transformative potential of projects like TwitterFi and Golden Inu, each representing a distinct facet of the evolving crypto sphere.

TwitterFi: Redefining the Future of Social Media and Finance

Xin Jiang’s enthusiasm for TwitterFi is palpable. He sees this project as the vanguard of a new era in the cryptocurrency industry, particularly within the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. The new era of decentralized finance represents the seamless convergence of social media and finance, with the ‘X’ social media platform, previously Twitter, poised to emerge as a financial juggernaut.

By no coincidence, ‘X’ has recently submitted an application to operate as a payment system, resembling the likes of PayPal. This development has ignited anticipation among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as it signals the potential for ‘X’ to facilitate cryptocurrency payments, including memecoins. 

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What adds an intriguing layer to this scenario is Elon Musk’s recent statement that ‘X’ will not venture into creating its cryptocurrency, creating space for established cryptocurrencies like $GOLDEN to thrive within this influential social media ecosystem.

Golden Inu: Forging a Path with the Golden Treasury

Amid the fervor surrounding TwitterFi, and the potential it represents for memecoins, the Golden Inu community is buzzing with excitement over its upcoming “Golden Inuverse” game. Alongside the launch, Golden Inu is ready to unleash its groundbreaking deflationary mechanism, known as the “Golden Treasury.”

The Golden Treasury is poised to redefine the memecoin landscape by strategically allocating 50% of the total revenue generated from the game and other decentralized applications within the Golden Inu ecosystem. 

These funds will be utilized to repurchase $GOLDEN tokens from the market and permanently withdraw them from circulation through a systematic burning process. The overarching goal is to instigate a scarcity effect, significantly reducing the available supply of $GOLDEN.

Though the token requires a 7% slippage rate to buy or sell, this ‘Shiba Inu Killers’ has given investors one of the highest return on investments from the memecoin universe this year [2023].

A Synergy of Vision and Innovation

The intersection of Xin Jiang’s forward-looking vision encapsulated by TwitterFi and Golden Inu’s innovative deflationary strategy in the form of the Golden Treasury presents a captivating narrative.

TwitterFi embodies Xin Jiang’s vision of a future where social media and finance intertwine seamlessly. The ‘X’ platform’s foray into payment systems paves the way for transformative cryptocurrency utilization, making TwitterFi a pioneering force.

Meanwhile, the Golden Treasury’s token-burning mechanism represents a paradigm shift in memecoin dynamics. As supply decreases, the potential for $GOLDEN to appreciate at the same time ‘X’ aids memecoins to reach previously-unseen values makes today the best time to invest in assets like Golden Inu.

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