Forget About Pudgy Penguins. Big Eyes Coin Is Here To Become A Top 10 NFT Project.

NFTs are here to stay in 2022. Despite having reached its peak in late 2021 and experiencing a drop in trading volume this year, the NFT craze is still not showing signs of giving up.

Like with real-life pictures, people are often drawn to NFTs of cute and fluffy animals. Even going as far as to spend $1,000,000 on one (as is the case with the Pudgy Penguins NFT collection). But is investing purely based on cuteness dangerous, or are projects like Big Eyes Coin an excellent investment opportunity?

Pudgy Penguins: The Birth Of The Lil Pudgy Saga

2021 was a wild year for NFT projects. By the third quarter of 2021, NFT trading volume grew by a whopping 700%, according to Nansen.

This cute and small penguin NFT collection was lucky enough to have boomed during this period. The Pudgy Penguins collection was rendered by a group of artists and developers. With a mass of individual tokens that shared a similar style, the collection contains 8,888 unique Lil Pudgys. The most expensive token to sell was purchased for $1 million at the time.

However, things took a dramatic turn for this irresistibly adorable NFT collection.

Evil Villain Mr Rug Pull Threatens Pudgy Penguins Future

Despite its squishy and cute exterior, Pudgy Penguins had a dark secret underneath its fluffy wings. The project’s founder, ColeThereum, had previously been associated with several potential scams on different projects.

By the end of 2021, it became clear that ColeThereum was not prepared to learn their lesson any time soon. The core team emptied Pudgy Penguin’s funds, abandoned the project and ran away with investors’ funds (a known scam manoeuvre named a rug-pull by the crypto community).

Although now Pudgy Penguins has undergone a change in leadership, and as a result, the project has continued to survive, only time will tell if investors are ready to forgive and forget.

Could Big Eyes Coin Become A Bigger, Brighter, Better Pudgy Penguins?

Currently, in its presale, Big Eyes Coin is a promising community-based meme coin that will have its unique NFT collection.

Centreing around the ridiculously adorable cat Big Eyes and its quest to save the world’s oceans to continue to eat its favourite food– fish, Big Eyes Coin has already managed to raise almost $10,000,000 in its presale.

Almost every aspect of Big Eyes’ ecosystem is underpinned by some method of donating to ocean sanctuaries or spreading awareness about climate change.

Big Eyes Coin NFTs Set To Reach Top 10

Big Eyes Coin will use NFTs to bring joy to its strong and growing community in addition to propagating its ecosystem and providing value to the BIG token.

Holding a Big Eyes NFT will allow you to access the Sushi Club, a place to receive exciting content and events. Additionally, any profit from these events will go to a burn or no burn vote. According to its whitepaper, NFT events will occur each season.

As is the goal of Big Eyes, the first NFT project will see the beloved feline taking to the sea to spread awareness. Moreover, 1% of each NFT sale will be donated to charity, 5% will be distributed to all BIG holders and 4% to the original seller.

If a BIG investor can not purchase an NFT, they may also be rewarded with one during one of Big Eyes Coin’s regular giveaways and competitions.


Big Eyes Coin could go on to have a thriving NFT marketplace and community. It also has an edge over Pudgy Penguins in regard to security. The Big Eyes contract is fully audited by Solidity Finance. Not only this, but the Big Eyes team has also gone through extensive verification by Coin Sniper to prevent any pesky rug pulls like the Pudgy Penguins one and ensure complete project security.

Although Pudgy Penguins has made a comeback after its rug pull drama, Big Eyes Coin appears to be a solid competitor ready to not repeat the same mistakes its penguin counterpart made.

Use the code BIG908 for a BIG bonus.

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