Forbes Experiments With Crypto Paywall Solution Unlock Protocol

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Paywalls in online media have become very common, albeit not everyone likes them. Forbes is now experimenting with a new solution, called Unlock Protocol.

This new paywall solution only applies to Forbes’ cryptocurrency news section,however.

Unlock Protocol has Potential

It is a very interesting way of getting readers to pay for content.

Unlike other solutions, Unlock Protocol relies on Ether payments.

For an open source payment solution, it is something that can make a big impact moving forward.

Traditional paywall solutions often rely on payment card payments.

Those are both expensive and subject to massive fraud, in most cases.

The team has also built a few solutions which make it useful to different kinds of platforms.

Other than just a paywall, there is also a WordPress solution, one for ticket sales, and a donations script. 

For content creators looking to monetize the web with memberships, Unlock Protocol can check a lot of the right boxes.

The big question is how successful this will be.

Creating paywalls for all types of online content will never work.

Information on the internet is supposed to freely accessible, with readers preferably donating to creators directly.

Unlock Protocol is a different creature in this regard, but certainly an intriguing solution for low-key content or niche sections.

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