When talking about gambling on the internet, there are usually two main categories: online casinos as well as sports betting with its biggest category: best football betting. The best betting odds are said to be everywhere, betting providers attract with different advantages, and casino sports betting from websites that combine the online casino with a betting shop are also becoming more and more popular. Betting providers in Germany are booming and betting in Germany is more popular than ever.

Since both are games of chance, there is certainly a fundamental risk here. Nevertheless, you should ask yourself what is riskier – playing online roulette, slot machines, or similar devices in the Internet casino or betting on football matches? Let us consider both types of entertainment.


Unlike online sports betting, you don’t need to have special knowledge to gamble in online casinos. Of course, it is very useful to be informed of different game rules, or nuances, but this knowledge is not necessarily required there. Playing in a real money casino here usually depends entirely on your luck, especially when it comes to roulette and slot machines.

So, the advantage of the casino on the Internet is mainly that there is a very wide range of many different games of chance, for which no previous knowledge is necessary. If you have previous knowledge of poker or blackjack, you can even increase the chances of winning and testing your skills. The situation with the betting is quite different – to bet on football matches you need to know many things about different teams, games, etc.


If you are very familiar with the offered sports, especially football, it is possible to earn a lot of money here. If you aren’t familiar with betting, take a look at the TonyBet KE  – of the famous betting providers. There you can even choose from many types of betting if you don’t want to focus on football matches. Anyway, a small luck factor is also involved in betting, but with a little skill, betting on sports is safer than gambling in the casino. 

Nevertheless, there are risks involved in sports betting in the world here too, for example with unknown soccer teams, with particularly high odds for underdogs, and much more. Many people routinely lose their money on sports betting because they take risks. 


Anyway, many people feel very safe playing poker or similar games but have no idea about sports betting in return. Other people, on the other hand, like gambling and are therefore happy to take the risk. New rules for sports betting also give some restrictions like a deposit limit – these rules also count for online casinos.

In short, with online football betting, you always take a fundamental risk, as the better odds are naturally available only for teams that have a small chance to win. So, small, and safe winnings here are opposed to bigger and riskier winnings. 

If you do not want to play at a betting provider, but prefer the online casinos, then you take a fundamentally higher risk, since gambling, as the name suggests, generally often depends on luck. One’s skill comes into play in games such as poker or blackjack, but even here there is a fundamental risk that one must always accept.

To sum up, both gambling areas hide at least a small risk. Since both activities are matters of luck, you should decide on what do you like more – to gamble or to bet. And there are always some ways to reduce your risks when betting on football matches or playing in an online casino.

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