Following +640% Surge Golden Inu Breaks Through Several Resistance Zones — New ATH Next?

Golden Inu Tokens Wicks & Candles on Crypto Chart Indicate To Hold
Golden Inu Tokens Wicks & Candles on Crypto Chart Indicate To Hold

The Golden Inu Token, the new memecoin actively working towards replacing $SHIB as the top “Inu” coin is currently celebrating a stellar rally in the price charts.

On June 12, the asset broke the downwards trend it had going in spectacular fashion. After breaking above the 50-day moving average, the asset gained enough momentum to reward its investors with 636% gains in less than three weeks.

This movement consolidated Golden Inu [$GOLDEN] as the top earning memecoin of the month — beating popular tokens like Pepe, Shiba Inu, and Bone ShibaSwapin that timeframe.

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At the time, we spoke about how breaking above the $0.0000000000005 resistance zone would be an important feat for the currency. Well, as it turns out, Golden Inu’s momentum turned out to be so strong that the currency went past the zone like it was nothing.

Currently trading at $0.0000000000006682, the currency now sits at an interesting position. 

Over its price action history, there aren’t any significant resistance zones above that today’s price. This is a clear indication that if $GOLDEN continues its upwards trend, the currency could be heading to breaking its all-time high of $0.0000000000014 in a couple of weeks. 

Why Investors Should Feel Like Golden Inu is Not Slowing Down

As a new memecoin, the market for such assets can be incredibly volatile. However, Golden Inu’s momentum — when compared to relevant news surrounding the crypto — indicates that this could be just the beginning.

The project is only 8 days away from the launch of the ERC20 version of $GOLDEN. This is perhaps one of the most promising investment choices of the season. Compared to ICO of the original BNB Chain $GOLDEN in February — the Ethereum Blockchain version of the token could have similar results, gaining over 1000% in value in just a couple of days.

The increasing popularity of the presale has played a significant role in the resurgence of BNB-$GOLDEN. The presale offers users a promising opportunity to obtain $GOLDEN at a discounted price, with the potential for remarkable returns. As a result, the original version of $GOLDEN is also expected to yield positive outcomes.

Furthermore, the launch of the Ethereum Blockchain token is also poised to provide utility to both tokens. With access to dual-blockchain technology, the developers intend on turning $GOLDEN into a bridge token that users can use to swap currencies from multiple blockchains at lower fees.

This enhanced utility not only improves the liquidity of both currencies but also positions them as valuable assets in the market. The ability to facilitate efficient and cost-effective cross-chain swaps further solidifies the potential for growth and adoption of both tokens, consequently driving their overall value in the market.

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