FlutterSwap Raises $25,000 In Private Sale To Become The First DEX on BTAChain


November 1, 2021 – FlutterSwap ushers in the next era of decentralized finance by bringing its Decentralized Exchange to the BTAchain network. The choice for this network is straightforward, as it provides low transaction costs for users. More specifically, transaction costs start at 1 Gwei, regardless of which asset or token one aims to transfer.

It is worth noting FlutterSwap will be the first decentralized exchange on the BTAchain network. Therefore, having such a trading solution is crucial to building up this new chain’s momentum and excitement. Furthermore, as FlutterSwap maintains an Automated Market Maker (AMM) model, users can trade and exchange value freely without intermediaries.

The decentralized exchange is only part of what Flutterswap providers. The team opts for a multi-pronged approach by providing staking, voting, IDO, NFT collectibles, and liquidity pool support. In addition, they will release new projects to make the space more approachable to novices and advanced users alike. Products to look forward to include FlutterWallet, Flutter News, FlutterPrice, FlutterPad, and Flutter Academy. 

The vision by the FlutterSwap team has attracted a lot of attention during the private sale. Over $25,000 in funding was secured from whitelisted investors in 24 hours. Participation in the private sale required filling in a form. The $25,000 raised represents 50% of FltuterSwapś hard cap, confirming merit and interest in what the team will bring to the table. 

A bonus for private sale investors is the limited edition NFT every participant will receive. Those NFTs will be distributed before FlutterSwap’s NFT marketplace comes to market. The team will communicate more information on the distribution through the team’s official social channels. 

The $25,000 raised during the private sale will allow FlutterSwap’s team to focus on marketing, development (of both the Wallet and Price Tracker), and explore new partnerships in the broader decentralized finance ecosystem. 

Furthermore, the FlutterSwap team intends to launch their Decentralized Exchange shortly, together with the Price Tracker. Afterward, there will be an Initial DEX Offering (IDO), of which more details will be announced on the project’s social media channels. 

About FlutterSwap

FlutterSwap takes a bold step to become the first Decentralized Exchange and Decentralized market maker on the BTAchain network. They chose not to remain silent and helped BTAchain in building the ecosystem.

Flutterswap provides services including Swap/Exchange, Staking, Voting, IDO. Collectibles ( NFT ) and Liquidity pool. Not only that, but they will also build their own ecosystem by releasing products such as FlutterWallet, FlutterPrice, Flutter News, FlutterPad, and Flutter Academy.

For more detailed information, you can read the whitepaper of the project on their website https://flutterswap.finance/


Here are their official social media: 

Telegram Group: https://t.me/flutterswapchat

Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/flutterswapann

Twitter : https://Twitter.com/flutterswap 

Reddit : https://Reddit.com/flutterswap 

GitHub : https://GitHub.com/flutterswap 

YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCXtwaE36yW3DpFsFelkiWWw

Medium: https://flutterswap.medium.com

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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