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FlutterSwap Checks Off Significant Roadmap Milestones Ahead Of Its IDO on Degem

FlutterSwap is pleased to announce its upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on the Degem launchpad is just around the corner. That IDO runs from December 12th until December 14th, 2021.  It marks another milestone on the roadmap after completing many achievements in the past month. 

December 4, 2021 – It has been an exciting month for the FlutterSwap team and its users. The team has achieved many milestones and feats, confirming the long-term approach to this project. But, more importantly, the first decentralized exchange and market maker on the BTA blockchain will continue to push the boundaries of innovation to make its solution reach a global audience. 

A first achievement is a partnership with Closed Sea, a multi-chain NFT, NFT games, and Metaverse marketplace. Closed Sea launched its mainnet in late November 2021 and supported Binance Smart Chain, with Ethereum and Polygon support to follow later. Tapping into this liquidity and future potential can create numerous opportunities for the FlutterSwap team. 

Second, FlutterSwap has released a demo of its decentralized exchange in photo and video format. It is essential to give users an idea of what to expect and how it will feel. The demo has been well-received by the community. 

Combined with this release, FlutterSwap has deployed its contract address on BTAChain, introducing an extra layer of transparency. In addition, that contract has been audited – along with the FlutterSwap team members via a KYC procedure – by Tech Audit. Undergoing an audit is crucial in the blockchain space and FlutterSwap’s team members are committed to providing an optimal and secure experience.

Third, Flutter Academy’s launch will help users learn more about BTAChain and why the project is built on that technology. Flutter News also provides regular updates regarding all FlutterSwap matters, developments, announcements, and updates. 

Funding-wise, FlutterSwap raised $25,000 during a private sale in early November., representing 50% of the hard cap the team intended to raise. Additionally, private sale investors all receive a limited edition NFT ahead of the native NFT marketplace launching in the coming months. 

FlutterSwap conducted an initial token burn, removing 25 million FSWAP tokens from circulation for good. That burn represents over 16% of the total supply, making FSWAP a lot more scarce. The initial burning is part of the team’s roadmap, allowing them to check that off by coming through on the initial promise.

All of these milestones bring prominent momentum to FlutterSwap as the team prepares to launch its upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO). The IDO will be conducted on the Degem launchpad starting on December 12 and concluding on December 14, unless the $300,000 hard cap is reached before that date. 

IDO participants can acquire FSWAP at a price of $0.01765 per token. The listing price for FSWAP will be $0.018, slightly above the IDO price. The token supply available for purchase will be limited and comes out of the allotted 20 million FSWAP set aside for the IDO and private sale. 

Participants in the Initial DEX Offering will receive 25% of their purchased tokens during the Token Generation Event (TGE). The remainder will unlock in 15% tiers every month to preset a level playing field. It will take five monthly payouts to reach the full 100% token distribution for all investors. The same approach applies to private sale participants. 

About FlutterSwap

FlutterSwap takes a bold step to become the first Decentralized Exchange and Decentralized market maker on the BTAchain network. They chose not to remain silent and helped BTAchain in building the ecosystem.

FlutterSwap provides services including Swap/Exchange, Staking, Voting, IDO. Collectibles ( NFT ) and Liquidity pool. Not only that, but they will also build their own ecosystem by releasing products such as FlutterWallet, FlutterPrice, Flutter News, FlutterPad, and Flutter Academy.

For more detailed information, you can read the whitepaper of the project on their website 

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