FLETA Taps ChainLink to Enhance Data Integrity for Medical Research

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Forging crucial partnerships is a solid way to advance blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. A recent joint venture by FLETA and ChainLink aims to transform the medical research industry. 

FLETA and ChainLink Team up

Utilizing blockchain technology and all of its features to their full extent can unlock very intriguing use cases. FLETA, a project that has developed its own Clinical Research Data Registry Platform, is looking for ways to enhance its service. Partnering ChainLink and its network of decentralized oracles is one way of making that happen. 

Through this joint venture, it becomes possible to provide trusted data to dApps. More importantly, it will be of great value to medical professionals in terms of sharing health records. Streamlining this process, both in terms of ease-of-use and security, is a top priority for FLETA.

ChainLink Head of Business Development Daniel Kochis adds:

“We’re excited to integrate Chainlink’s secure and reliable oracles onto the FLETA blockchain to bring trusted real-world data to their on-chain applications.

It’s a pleasure to be able to work with FLETA on the important health issue of bringing South Korea’s clinical health records on to the FLETA blockchain, opening up more collaborative health research opportunities.”

Under the hood, the FLETA platform will use real-world data supplied by ChainLink oracles. Uploading medical data – by doctors, patients, or researchers – will be done on-chain. In an ideal scenario, the blockchain data will then be used to support current and future medical research. 

Enhancing Existing Blockchain Solutions

Bringing the best of two projects together will ultimately benefit the end user, or in this case, medical patients. FLETA has a blockchain that can scale very well. Moreover, its native smart contract data is of the highest integrity, according to CEO Henry Hong. 

By tapping into ChainLink’s decentralized oracle network, all of these aspects will be enhanced. Moreover, Chainlink’s oracle solution will make it easier to apply blockchain technology to other fields. 

One of those other fields may revolve around the South Korean government. More specifically, FLETA is gauging if ChainLink’s oracle network can aid its high-profile partnership with the government. If so, it may be a catalyst for improved medical research collaboration. 

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