FINPR Agency Now Offering 220+ Crypto Media in 15 Languages

CryptoMode FINPR Media Marketing

FINPR, a digital marketing agency that provides PR and marketing services for crypto and blockchain start-ups, has announced a significant increase in its media coverage offerings. FINPR now offers media coverage in over 220 media outlets in 15 languages, including English, German, Arabic, Turkish, French, Indonesian, Korean, etc.

Amongst the whopping 220+ media site coverage offered by the Dubai-based PR agency, 100 are English Language-based media outlets, 16 are Turkish-based, 13 are German, 14 are Arabic, and 13 are Spanish language-based. FINPR always advised crypto and blockchain start-ups, regardless of their location, to only promote core services on English-based media outlets as it is the most spoken language in the world, with over 1.2 billion speakers globally. However, as the PR agency takes a second step in the media coverage space, it is paramount to include new languages to target potential customers in specific regions. And that is what the PR agency has done.

FINPR, through this inclusion, will help start-ups and clients with local media coverage, thus increasing their visibility in previously untouched regions.

Taking into account tech, finance, business, and news media, FINPR offers clients and start-ups in the crypto, web 3.0, and fintech spaces access to media coverage from over 450 outlets. This makes the PR agency one of the top agencies with the largest media outlets coverage in the crypto PR market. In addition to crypto PR, FINPR employs several strategies such as crypto influencers, banners, ads, and SEO to help start-ups get the needed traffic and visibility.


FINPR is a Dubai-based crypto PR and marketing agency that primarily works with blockchain and fintech startups. Since 2017, the agency has helped with marketing and PR for 300+ start-ups from Europe, Asia, and the United States. The further inclusion of more media outlets and language addition aligns with the PR agency’s goal of helping clients reach their target audience in various localities.

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