Finding (GLO) Now Could Be The Same As Those That Found Solana (SOL) And Ethereum (ETH) At ICO


Two abilities separate the winners from the losers in crypto investing. The first is being able to pick success stories, of course. The second is the ability to find them before everyone else. As any crypto investor will tell you, the best time to get in on a project is during the initial coin offering (ICO) prior to the launch of the platform.

If you got in on the ICOs for platforms like Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL), congratulations, you made a killing. If you missed those then Uniglo (GLO) might be just the thing you’re looking for. 

Uniglo (GLO) — Backed by digital and real-world assets 

The Uniglo investment DAO makes diversified investing so simple that anyone can do it. All you have to do is buy and hold GLO to gain exposure to a widely diversified portfolio of all types of assets, not just crypto. Plus, you won’t be alone. As a DAO, all holders of the GLO token get to vote on which assets make the best long-term investments. Those with no clue can passively benefit from the wisdom of the crowd. 

Uniglo is currently hosting an ICO. You can get your GLO on for $0.0145 by visiting the website. The presale runs until mid-October. However, it’s very likely to sell out before then if it hasn’t already. 

The Uniglo treasury is funded by charging a 5% royalty when you buy and a 5% royalty when you sell. With this scheme, the treasury is always growing, no matter whether we’re in the scariest bear market or the hottest bull market. The more volatile the markets get, the faster the Uniglo treasury grows. Meanwhile, 2% of all aftermarket transactions is auto-burned. Therefore, while the treasury is going up in value, the circulating supply of the token is shrinking. This could greatly reduce risk and eliminate volatility altogether.

As you might guess, GLO tokenomics greatly favors early investors and long-term holders. ICO investors are even better off since they can avoid the royalties. Investing in the ICO means you can just sit back and watch the treasury grow for the years and decades to come.

Unlike stock brokers, money managers, ETFs, and even DEXs, GLO holders can choose to invest in anything that can be tokenized. Along with crypto and NFTs, this could include wrapped stocks, gold, real estate, fine art, and rare collectibles — assets that individual investors normally do not have access to.

While you may have missed ETH and SOL ICOs, all hope is not lost. Uniglo has a real shot at mass adoption, given its simplicity and utility. If GLO goes mainstream, as we suspect it will, anyone who gets in on the ICO could turn a small fortune into a big win in the future. 

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