Finding a Perfect Audience: Here’s How

finding a perfect audience

In today’s landscape, anyone under the age of 30 is going to be using social media. There are currently almost three billion Facebook users, with other sites like YouTube and Instagram having similarly massive userbases. This creates a giant market for content for these sites.


Most of the content posted on these sites will only go out to friends, have poor engagement, and will generally do little in the bigger scope of the sites. Although that’s not always the case. There are some key steps anyone can take to try to be one of those exceptions.


When it comes to finding a perfect audience there are three main phases. Phase one consists of environment, foundation, and sensitivities. It’s through understanding the environment, being sensitive to its changes and the platform ones working on that a content creator can start to build a foundation. Basically figuring out who one is and what they hope to do.


Phase two consists of tone and timing. This basically means that the content creator must improve how they approach the tone of their content, how it’s coming across, and also adjust their timing. Timing is essential as it creates consistency, sometimes it is better to post certain type of content than others, and it gives control to the creator.


Phase three is then emotions. Learning to regulate reactions to one’s community and to be a more productive creator. This is less the quality of content and more the approach to content, being positive and productive and taking criticism well are a few major aspects. 


It’s through these three phases that the content creator of today can start to become exceptional. A strong and reliable audience is something every creator needs, and these are the steps to achieving that.

Finding A Perfect Audience
Source: Bang Productions

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