Fincrip Protocol (FCP) – Metaverse And Space Token Vs. Cardano (ADA)


The metaverse has proven to be too hard to ignore. With metaverse tokens like Fincrip (FCP) reinventing virtual experiences, more users are tunning into the metaverse. Also, existing blockchain protocols are improving their technology to become more compatible with the meta-world.

That’s precisely the case with Cardano (ADA). The blockchain was regarded as the opponent of the world-renowned blockchain Ethereum (ETH) due to its scalability, speed, and decentralized nature.

This platform has a native token ADA that is currently worth  0.5049 dollars, a market capitalization of over 17 billion dollars, and ranked number 8 in the crypto market according to

Cardano’s (ADA) involvement in the metaverse includes several projects; some are upcoming while others are already functioning. But the focus will be on Space tokens, their features, similarities, and differences with the Fincrip protocol.

What is the Fincrip Protocol?

Fincrip is a metaverse project based on the world’s first realistic spacecraft in Virtual reality on the blockchain.  On this platform, the sky is your only limit as you can do whatever you wish in this metaverse.

The metaverse is built to be a social space, and in recent times, blockchain has reshaped how we view entertainment and all manners of communication.

Fincrip was designed to restructure how we interact with space exploration and technology. All the things which seem impossible or are marked for the future will be available in the Fincrip universe.

The project, like all projects, has a native token, $FCP. The only difference is that this token will be multipurpose in the sense that it will be used to buy, sell, and produce futuristic assets, which include digital malls and virtual lands in the Fincrip universe.

On this platform, anyone can customize a spaceship and fly to the future in the Fincrip universe, making friends and earning $FCP.

In addition, $FCP will serve as a governance token giving all who hold it the power to vote on a proposal or make them for the development of the platform.

The total supply of the Fincrip token is 100 million, and it’s allocated to five sections: 20% for presale, 10% for marketing, 20% for staking, 10% for founders and teams, and 5% for reserves.

Fincrip (FCP) Is A Unique Kind Of Space Token

Fincrip (FCP) is a unique kind of space token. Generally, space tokens are based on gaming alone. But Fincrip (FCP) will cover the whole metaverse experience. Additionally, while space tokens need some payment and a wallet to explore, users can freely utilize the Fincrip (FCP) metaverse.

Now let’s talk about Space Tokens. 

Space tokens is a P2E game based on interplanetary NFT explorations. How it works is that you launch an expedition into the galaxy to find your own unique NFT planet, or you can send out a journey into the universe to discover some individual NFT planets and survey your planets.

However, to do this, you must have a Cardano (ADA) wallet and have some ADA on your account before you can launch such expeditions.

The P2E section of the game includes a wandering world; in this section, you can discover a unique NFT planet that earns you QUID, a Cardano (ADA) native token.

Some key features of this game include; customization options for Avatar, Build mode, creature features like breeding, contests, and taming finally, exploring dungeons and darkness.


In all, Fincrip is offering everyone a universe where you can be or do anything, create any digital assets of your desire, meet with people all over the world without leaving your room, go shopping, play games, go on explorations with friends, and attend virtual meetings and seminars. With this kind of universe, all your imaginations are possible, ain’t that nice! 

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