Financial Ecosystem Chain (FEC) officially listed on Spacefinex, and similar projects have enjoyed over 10 times profits

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(7 Aug 2020 |Singapore) – Financial Ecosystem Chain (FEC) is Next-Gen Decentralized Financial Ecosystem based on Blockchain Technology and it has listed on Spacefinex exchange since 5 Aug 2020. Similar projects have enjoyed over 10 times profits. Spacefinex offers the most diverse marketplace where global crypto traders, miners and institutional investors come to manage crypto assets, enhance investment opportunities and hedge risks.

Financial Ecosystem Chain (FEC) is a decentralized protocol which establishes money markets with algorithmically set interest rates based on supply and demand, allowing users to frictionlessly exchange the time value of Ethereum assets. Different with current DeFi projects, Financial Ecosystem Chain is backed by billions of real economy, where the decentralized stable coin will be used as the only payment method in the ecosystem. Users can enjoy “Yield farming” on FEC DeFi platform with up to 50% APY return as your liquidity incentive, and governance token FEC will be equipped with an absolute deflation mechanism to facilitate the sustainable development of the token price. Financial Ecosystem Chain (FEC) has a total supply of 200,000,000 FEC, and total subscription on Spacefinex is 60,000,000 FEC.

Spacefinex is a global digital asset exchange that provides comprehensive cryptocurrency trading services to their users worldwide as well as 24/7 customer service and support for the entire network. As the mission of GodFinex, they are dedicated to making more innovations and to improving the customer experience. After running for years, Spacefinex exchange has already achieved around 60k active users, 900 million trading volume and 162K total members.

About Financial Ecosystem Chain (FEC) 

Founded by the Singapore foundation, financial ecosystem chain is the world’s first digital asset-based ecological platform for real industry based on blockchain technology. It has the functions of anti-counterfeiting and traceability, boutique mall, supply chain finance, intelligent futures trading, asset right confirmation and online. Financial ecosystem chain aims to solve the problems of complex and different standards of real industry system, lack of sustainable business model, difficulty in asset circulation and financing development, and is committed to reDeFining the new standard of global real industry, enabling the green and sustainable development of real industry, and leading the global real industry into the era of blockchain digital assets.

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