Filecoin (FIL) Can’t Recover While Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Likely To 60x Its Value


Filecoin may have reserved the top spot as far as decentralized storage goes, but more and more investors are coming to the same conclusion — that Filecoin likely won’t ever see the high prices it rose to in 2021 again. On the other hand, Orbeon Protocol is making a significant impression on seasoned investors, and as the project enters the second stage of its presale, many market analysts are predicting returns of 6000% and over


Orbeon Protocol – a revolution in venture capital

Orbeon Protocol has already caught the attention of veteran investors both in and outside the crypto community. The project enables businesses to access a new source of funding through allowing everyday users to invest in some of the most exciting early-stage startups for as little as $1. Not only do these businesses gain the funding they require, but they also have a community of investors ready to support their projects.

This process is enabled using fractionalized equity-backed NFTs issued by Protocol on behalf of the prospective startups. The platform not only facilitates the investments but has also made it possible for the team to implement a market-leading “Fill or Kill” feature, which refunds investors immediately if a company they backed fails to reach initial funding goals. 

Orbeon Protocol has been able to achieve these feats through the development of its multi-chain ecosystem. Alongside the Orbeon Exchange launchpad, the Orbeon Wallet allows for equity-backed NFTs — which could soar in value over time — to be securely stored. Orbeon Swap provides a way to swap cryptocurrencies, including as a secondary market for funding round NFTs.

This level of functionality requires a utility token, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), to ensure the ecosystem works effectively. This utility token, with a supply of 888 million, not only powers the launchpad for all users but also comes with a range of other benefits. With voting rights for platform governance as well as trading discounts and exclusive access to investor groups, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) will almost certainly see significant price growth as the adoption of Orbeon Protocol inevitably increases.   


Has Filecoin Already Peaked?

Filecoin has established itself as the market leader in the decentralized storage space, having now achieved an astonishing 17,000 petabytes of available storage space. There’s no question that Filecoin is the de facto storage layer of the web3 revolution.

The challenge that Filecoin faces, though, is the mature market of cloud storage providers. The likes of Google and Amazon have made it extremely easy for businesses to leverage their offerings at very low prices, so it’s going to take a lot of work for Filecoin to take market share in this space. 

While Filecoin will likely see growth as web3 use cases expand, it’s looking like a very long wait for Filecoin holders to see substantial levels of adoption — and they may not reach the previous highs again.


It’s no wonder that market analysts have estimated a 60x value increase through the presale stage for Orbeon Protocol. While Filecoin is facing an uphill battle to stay relevant and grab market share, Orbeon Protocol seems likely to be destined for success — with those getting hold of their ORBN tokens early set to profit the most. 

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