Figure out the best ways to Crypto: Gnox Token (GNOX) presale is getting more popular by the day offering a spectacular 20% bonus on each purchase

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Crypto is an economic sphere developing at a breakneck pace and it is difficult for even experts to stay up to date with all the happenings. But keeping exactly up to date with everything that is happening is often not necessary and is victim to the law of diminishing returns. The best ways to crypto are often the most simple. 

There are two essential crypto mantras every investor must be aware of. First, Buy Low Sell High. Second, HODL. These two mantras contain everything needed to be successful in crypto. But many investors struggle to apply these two ideas on account of human emotion.

There are numerous ways to crypto and this article will explore a few of these different strategies.

Bitcoin Maximalism. Investors who believe Bitcoin is the only digital asset that will be needed/ is worth buying so they continue to dollar cost average (DCA) into Bitcoin. This is one of the simplest strategies for crypto investment and if the investor can ‘HODL’ through the bitter bear markets and manage to lock in profits during the parabolic moves. It can be a very profitable strategy. It is worth noting that lots of Bitcoin Maximalists continue to accumulate and have no plans of selling. 

The Degen Yield Farmer. Typically less seasoned investors that see high APYs for providing liquidity on lesser known decentralised exchanges and ‘ape’ into the liquidity pool. They are also familiar with ‘shitcoins’ and always searching for the next unicorn crypto promising 10,000 X. Many of these investors get burnt, start to understand risk better, and diversify their investments into solid projects. But some of these traders do get lucky and make fortunes.

Gnox Token (GNOX)

Gnox is a protocol introducing an entirely new way to crypto. It is a new instance of a reflection token that will pay token holders in stablecoin. Gnox is the first protocol to offer yield farming as a service and analysts have pointed to this fact when asked about the hype this project has built within the crypto community. Gnox will open the path to DeFi investment for everyone, simplifying a complex but lucrative engagement into a single investment vehicle.

Currently, in its presale phase scheduled for release at the end of Q2, Gnox is offering early investors a 20% bonus during its first phase. So investors who back the protocol now will receive an extra 20% of tokens than later investors. Following the developers completing KYC and the protocol’s contracts being audited the protocol saw an influx of early adopters all receiving a 20% bonus.

Many crypto tokens undergo presale phases and see huge success but similarly many tokens flop on launch. Investors and analysts alike are lining up eager to see how Gnox performs and whether it will be the next token to do a 10X at launch.

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