Fidelity International & TerraZero (Finally) Launch “Metaverse Campus” Experience to Help Encourage Financial Literacy

    The Fidelity International Campus in the Decentraland Metaverse (CNW Group/TerraZero Technologies Inc.)

    Since last December, Fidelity International (“Fidelity”) has been teasing its upcoming metaverse experience that would help to encourage financial literacy in our digital age – now, the time has come.


    On Tuesday, both Fidelity and TerraZero Technologies Inc. (“TerraZero) announced that they completed and deployed a 64-parcel activation to the Decentraland Metaverse, marking Fidelity’s first major step into the Metaverse and Web3 altogether. 


    TerraZero, is a vertically integrated Metaverse development group that specializes in helping brands like Fidelity create immersive experiences. 


    The new experience inside Decentraland is focused on educating users on the importance of financial planning, money management, and investing – tapping stakeholders spanning across North America, the UK, India, and Hong Kong. 


    Dubbed “The Fidelity International Campus,” the open environment features a wardrobe of 16 wearables, multiple minted-out NFT drops, multi-story “Discover Fidelity” and “Social Mobility” galleries, and an interactive “The Game of Life” Experience.


    “With awareness and interest in the metaverse continuing to increase, the Fidelity International Campus provides access to financial knowledge to a wide audience, especially to younger generations who are highly engaged within Web3 technology,” said Emmanuelle Pecenicic, Head of Digital Propositions and Partnerships, Asia Pacific ex-Japan at Fidelity International. 


    Pecenicic also believes that Fidelity International’s new experience “represents a new frontier in financial education, providing a dynamic and engaging way for users to learn about finance in the digital age…by offering an interactive and entertaining environment” that aims to encourage more people to build better financial futures. 


    And one of the ways Fidelity seeks to accomplish this is through the Social Mobility Gallery, which supports social mobility and enables users to mint NFTs along the way, which were created in collaboration with students from School 21 in Stratford, London. 


    Utilizing Decentraland and TerraZero’s analytics modules, Fidelity says it “will underscore the efficacy of the activation and create opportunities for future engagement – all without requiring personal information from users.”


    TerraZero’s co-COO and Chief Experience Officer, Brandon F. Johnson also believes that these virtual environments serve as integral technologies that can intervene where more attention is needed.


    “Fidelity International is bringing financial literacy to young people, creating opportunities for equity and equality for future generations. This experience and those which follow will serve as a global point of entry for people who want to set themselves up for success. This is a genuine instance of intervention where modern education models have lacked for decades. If we’re going to truly change the world for the better, let’s democratize access to resources which can help people succeed not just tomorrow, but for their entire lives,” said Johnson. 


    The new Wearable collection, according to the press release, are simultaneously worn by non-playable characters (NPCs) within the experience which navigate around the building and greet users. 


    From a Wizard to a Deep-Sea Scuba Diver, basketball player, photographer, and many other options, TerraZero and Fidelity are hoping to empower users to express themselves and dress how they want in the metaverse. 


    Fidelity also recently opened a subreddit for the activation, with TerraZero collaborating with Vega Studios on an AR filter for Fidelity’s Instagram. 


    “Having a trusted financial institution like Fidelity International embrace Metaversal technologies further cements the space as the standard of the future. TerraZero will continue to work with companies, brands, and consumers to bring the best possible experience available today and position them to be ready for the experiences of tomorrow,” says Ryan Kieffer, co-COO and Chief Metaverse Officer. 


    You can find The Fidelity International Campus at the coordinates -19,143 in Decentralnd.

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