$FBT – FibitPro Exchange token now available for trading on DEX-Trade, CAT.EX

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  • $FBT has made its way to international exchanges – Cat.Ex & Dex-Trade and is now available to trade in the $FBT/$USDT and $FBT/$BTC pair. 
  • Fibit token or $FBT is the native utility token of FibitPro Exchange, the world’s first discount broking platform for crypto trading. 

FibitPro exchange is one more step closer to manifesting an extreme trading platform for crypto. Recently they announced its native utility token $FBT’s listing on Dex–Trade and Cat Exchange. 

$FBT is a BEP20 token based on Binance Smart Chain. 

Contract address:


Trade $FBT/$USDT pair on Cat.Ex:  https://www.catex.io/trading/FBT/USDT

Trade $FBT/$USDT pair on Dex-Trade: https://dex-trade.com/spot/trading/FBTUSDT

Trade $FBT/$BTC pair on Dex-Trade: https://dex-trade.com/spot/trading/FBTBTC

$FBT Use Case on FibitPro Exchange

FibitPro is an Indian crypto exchange. The foremost issue faced by Indians is to buy crypto using fiat currency (INR). FibitPro solves this by introducing a $FBT token which can be purchased on the platform via native currency. Further, people can buy different tokens using $FBT pairs. 

Fixed Deposits with $FBT token

One significant advantage with $FBT is that people can use it for making Fixed Deposits and earn a great interest rate over the liable period. As of now, you investors can earn up to 14.7% APY by creating fixed deposits. 

50% discount on Trading Fees

FibitPro has implemented a toggle system. Users can toggle in and choose $FBT to pay for the trading fees and access an instant 50% discount. Furthermore, the platform only charges you 0.1% or just $1 in trading fees (whichever is less) as per the volume. 

KYC Bonus

Users who sign up on FIbitPro Exchange and verify their KYC will get an instant reward of $FBT token worth 100 INR. The same goes with referrals; users get 25 INR worth of $FBT whenever someone signs up and completes KYC using their referral. 

About Fibit Pro Exchange

Fibit Pro Exchange is the world’s first discount broking crypto exchange based in Pune, India. It started in 2019 with a vision to manifest an Extreme Crypto Trading platform that offers Limit, Market, Stop-Loss, Margin, and Escrow trading on the fly. With FibitPro, users 

About Cat.Ex:

Cat.Ex, established in August 2018, is one of the largest Cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. We have global communities setup in Brazil, South Korea, Bangladesh, Russia, Turkey, Middle East, India, Indonesia and the United States. We use a process called transaction mining to allow for users to collect dividends from our profit-sharing platform.

About Dex-Trade:

Dex-Trade is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017 and registered in Belize. This is a modern space for safe and comfortable trading with minimal commissions. Dex-Trade is a universal exchange for both beginners and professional traders. The minimum spread and high liquidity in order books allow you to trade efficiently with orders of any volume.

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