Fatburger Experiments With Securities Issued on Ethereum

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The Ethereum blockchain can accommodate many different projects and tokens. One such offer is issued by Fatburger, as their securities are now issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

It is interesting to note how companies and major brands are flocking to blockchain technology.

Fatburger Securities on Ethereum

For Fatburger, it has yielded a $39.7 million capital infusion.

This does not just involve the securities issued by the company on the Ethereum blockchain either.

The more interesting development is how DBRS Morningstar is rating these securities. 

Using the Ethereum blockchain will, according to Morningstar, yield faster access to data about the securities. 

This capital infusion is part of Fat Brands’- the parent company of Fatburger – plans to raise $500 million by late 2020.

What all of this means for Ethereum, is very difficult to predict accurately.

Such a vote of confidence from a major franchise shows that there is a market waiting to be tapped.

There has also been plenty of talk regarding securities offerings on the blockchain, often referred to as STOs.

For the time being, this new industry is still very small, thus no major changes are to be expected. 

Transparency brought to the table by using Ethereum’s blockchain is an aspect that should never be underestimated.

This technology also makes it easier to make payments to investor wallets.

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