FaniTrade to have Solana’s Biggest Ever NFT Airdrop Worth $55.7 Million With FaniBooster Starter Pack

CryptoMode FaniTrade NFT Airdrop

A complete and holistic DeFi ecosystem that offers a wide range of services, FaniTrade is a platform that has its eyes set on redefining what it is to be a one-stop shop for all crypto related needs. In an aim to be just that, FaniTrade is doing a Solana wide NFT airdrop that sees $55.7 million worth of the unique tokens being given out to EVERY Solana wallet.

FaniBooster for Everyone

With roughly 1.7 million active Solana wallets, FaniTrade will be sending out their FaniBooster NFT Starter Pack as an incentive to let the world know what it offers.

The Starter Packs consist of 12 different types of NFT, each with its unique advantage within the FaniTrade ecosystem. While NFT airdrops of today are mostly pieces of digital art, FaniTrade makes a practical approach towards this and the NFTs are designed to offer discounts and different advantages while using its services. The NFTs range from the common zero swap fee for the first 24 hours on FaniSwap to a $100 bonus on FaniTrax for options trading.

There are a total of 12 types of NFTs in the FanBooster airdrop and each has its own value and quantity, the total value of the drop is $55.7 million. This effectively makes it the largest Solana airdrop ever. 

Super Rare FaniPass

The jewel in the FaniBooster NFT pack crown is the FaniPass. A super rare NFT, out of the 1.7 million drops that will be made, only 112 FaniPass will be distributed.

Unlike other FaniBooster NFTs, having a FaniPass gives the owner discounts and other incentives across all the FaniTrade ecosystem. This includes:

  • Zero trading fee on FaniSawp and FaniVerse
  • 50% off on FaniBox, FaniDex and FaniTRAX fees.
  • Double the affiliate payouts.
  • Additional 10% on staking rewards.
  • Early VIP whitelist access.
  • Early VIP beta test access.
  • Special FaniTrade related airdrops.

The beauty of FaniPass is that not only does it help its owners save money and increase their profits, but the NFT itself will also rise in value. The FaniPass, being extremely rare, will develop a demand over time as FaniTrade usage increases, offering an excellent investment vehicle for owners.

As more and more dApps are released by FaniTrade, more properties and advantages will be added to the FaniPass NFTs, making them more desirable and appreciating their value.

If you want to get your hands on a FaniBooster NFT, especially the FaniPass super rare one, make sure you have a Solana based wallet that is active and running.

The FaniTrade Ecosystem

Offering the most comprehensive suite of decentralized finance services, FaniTrade has designed each service to be user friendly and complete so that DeFi users will not have to go anywhere. The different services and products include:


Offering simple crypto swaps, FaniSwap is the simplest form of DeFi one can get. FaniSwap comes with deep liquidity, proper analytical charts and limit order support.


Stake FANI tokens on different predictions to earn as much as 76% of the invested amount.


Use the FANI tokens to buy lottery tickets and try to be the lucky winner.


Giving developers access to its complete range of tools and kits, FaniBox allows anyone to build dApps off of it.


An affiliate program that allows FaniTrade users to bring in more people and earn lifetime commissions as high as 20%


Permissionless pools for deep liquidity, allowing people to build their own liquidity pools or take part in one.


Put your LP tokens to good use and stake them to earn even more crypto.


An NFT and metaverse marketplace where people can buy and sell all Solana based NFTs and other assets.


Unleashing the power of decentralized trading with a complete suite of DEX trading tools.


Tap into the GameFi phenomenon with a Play-to-Earn game. Win crypto as you play.


A social media platform for community based trading.


Put your idle assets to use by lending. Alternatively, put them up as collateral for borrowing.

Solana Based for Ease and Comfort

While blockchain networks such as Ethereum may still be the first choice for DeFi platforms and protocols as it offers a much larger audience, FaniTrade has been built on Solana. This is not without reason – in fact, there are several.

The Solana blockchain has been built for speed. With 50,000 transactions per second and a 400 millisecond block generation time, the network is extremely fast and therefore FaniTrade users will not experience delays typical of other blockchain networks. With the blazing fast transaction speed comes the nearly non existent fee. Less than 0.025 cent, the transaction is one of the lowest of any blockchain network.

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