FamDAO – The DAO guided by a FAMILY Treasury


The cryptocommunity has awoken to the age of the DAOs. Following the success of ConstitutionDAO, AssangeDAO, and many other DAOs followed suit, starting the DAO community wave.

Many projects have a goal to achieve something big and impossible, like buying the constitution, freeing Assange, but FamDAO is different. FamDAO’s goal is to provide a safe haven for people who have lost their investments or suffered losses in crypto and build a FAMILY together. The purpose of the DAO is to take care of the FamDAO holders, making money for the better good in the name of Family. FamDAO will distribute funds regularly from the FAMILY Treasury to help $FAM Token holders achieve their goals. The mutual goal FamDAO wishes to inculcate is to build a FAMILY DAO. In FAMDAO, we are all FAMILY members – join and be part of an egalitarian community.

The FamDAO project team will not hold any tokens. The FAMILY Treasury is supplemented through FamDAO initiatives to develop and actualize the envisioned FAMILY system. All funds in the Treasury will be used for community governance, community maintenance, and community development, helping $FAM holders to actualize their aspirations, at the same time sustaining the liquidity of the FamDAO ecosystem to earn with the $FAM token.

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The Goal of FamDAO – Build a policy-controlled currency system

FamDAO’s goal is to build a policy-controlled currency system, in which the behavior of the $FAM token is controlled at a high level by the DAO. In the long run, this system can be used to optimize stability and consistency, so that the $FAM Token can function as a global unit- of-account and medium-of-exchange currency. In its early stages, FamDAO intends to optimize the system for growth and wealth creation.

FamDAO Tokenomics

Token Name: FAM

Total Supply: 10,000,000 Tokens

Project Team – 0%

Community Construction – 10%

Ecological Construction – 10%

Metaverse Ecological Reserve – 20%

DAO Organization Driver – 20%

Staking & Mining Support – 40%

Supported Chains: Binance Smart Chain, Polygon Network, ANFS Network

FamDAO Token Utility 

  • $FAM Token can be used for participating in LP and staking
  • $FAM Tokens are used for personalized NFT items minting
  • Marketplace transactions can be made with the $FAM Token
  • Staking for commission fees and receive special giveaways
  • NFT Artists’ works will be commissioned with $FAM token
  • Common NFT pieces can be burned to exchange for Rare NFT pieces

FamDAO – Best of DAO Experience

Find out more about FamDAO:

Website: https://fam-dao.club/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FAM_DAO

Telegram: https://t.me/famdao

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