Fair, Fast, Fun, and Furious. Don’t Miss CryptoPunt’s Jackpot


Blockchain Gaming is the future. The myriad of ways that blockchain can place value into the hands of its users means that old ways of gaming and gambling online are set for a revolution. CryptoPunt, harnessing this movement, is poised to become a leading blockchain-based e-gaming provider. Users of their gaming platform will be able to enjoy all the thrills of the casino without any of the migraine-inducing comportment required – not to mention the deliberate unfairness of the house being stacked against you and the need for burdensome KYC.

How $PUN Changes E-Gaming

$PUN, CryptoPunt’s token, is set to explode after the IDO launches on the 18th on PolkaBridge, and shortly after, on Uniswap. The Initial Market Cap will be $1,250,000, with a price per token for $0.22. Holders of $PUN will be able to use it in any of the games on CryptoPunt’s cutting-edge platform. 

CryptoPunt won’t just be a host to the most breakneck and thrilling Casino games though. CryptoPunt recognises blockchain gaming as the future. It’s a chance for value to be pushed into the hands of users for playing. We’ve already seen the stunning rise of various play-to-earn models, where users generate tokens for playing the game that have real-world value, and how they drive engagement and community and uphold the ethos of an internet of services that retain value to the end user. CryptoPunt’s medium tracks the latest exciting developments in this space, and the platform will eventually play host to the best play-to-earn games that are making waves in this thrilling new space.

Connect and Play

CryptoPunt has done everything necessary to reduce gated access to people’s favourite games. To play on the ecosystem, you need only to connect your wallet. There is no KYC, no sign-up, and no other hassle. A user can get to the table in under a minute and play. The $PUN token is used to play on all games, and users can get the precise odds of play. Users can also play with other cryptos as the ecosystem evolves. 

Due to the fact your wallet is connected directly; payouts are fast, fair and not under anyone’s authority. Once you win: the money is yours. This is a far cry from the current state of the online e-gaming industry where payouts are kept in a central authorities reserve and only paid out if they deem it appropriate. The CryptoPunt ecosystem gives users control over their game, their funds and their choices. 

Fair, Fast, Fun Gaming

All the games are fully transparent too. As they are run by smart contracts that are auditable and viewable, users can know precisely what they are getting. No more will the odds be hidden behind the gated central servers of current online e-gaming providers, rather – they will be fully visible to all who play. This fair, trustless, and fast way to play your favourite games promises to become the gold standard in e-gaming, and lets you play the game the way it was meant to be played. 

As users stampede towards CryptoPunt’s leading gaming service, holders of $PUN from the IDO will receive exponential returns. Not only from the passive income mentioned earlier, but from the escalating value of the token itself – especially as more and more gaming companies onboard their games and take advantage of the stunning, modern and sleek UX that CryptoPunt provides for them. To escalate this natural growth, holders of $PUN will be able to make referrals to their friends to get them involved in the game. They will then receive a 0.1% distribution of all of that users bets. As CryptoPunt cements itself as the world’s leading blockchain e-gaming platform, early investors in the IDO who refer people and stake their tokens have the opportunity to make a substantial passive income and enjoy the industry’s most entertaining games. 

CryptoPunt’s Tokenomics 

CryptoPunt’s tokenomics are sound. There are 160,000,000 tokens max supply, and when the IDO launches, 50 million will be available for eager buyers to get their hands on. The majority of the rest of the tokens are put aside to fund the house’s reserves, reward contributors to the protocol, and for ecosystem development. The team is on strict and transparent vesting schedules, and only a small slice of the available tokens has been given over to private round investors. It means there is plenty of headroom for $PUN to see meteoric gains – especially when it commences its dual-launch. 

On the 18th of October, saddle up for the dual-platform IDO, put your chips on the table and wait as the jackpot comes to you.

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