Building the Factory of the Future

factory of the future

The world’s problems are complex. As all problem solving works best, it is helpful to break up large problems into smaller component parts. This allows you to sometimes see the forest through the trees. So, let’s take a look at the issues of sustainability and global warming. It is too large to think of with many complex pieces, thoughts, and opinions. Let’s specifically focus on the role of manufacturing. Let’s look at the factory of the future.

Manufacturing represents 54% of the world’s energy consumption as well as 20% of global emissions. If we are to rethink the way manufacturing, production, and distribution works – it would eliminate 45% of global emissions. So, we see a tremendous benefits in rethinking the way factories and manufacturing work, especially in these uncertain times and supply chain issues. It’s time to build the factory of the future.

Learn more about how that building the factory of the future today can help innovate for a better tomorrow in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of Dassault:

Factory of the Future

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