Factom Price Can hit a new High for 2018 Next Week

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The end of 2018 is almost upon the cryptocurrency community. For many, it is a period of not looking at price charts for a few days straight. Those who have Factom as part of their diversified portfolio may want to keep tabs on how things are evolving. There is a very strong uptrend forming at this time and one that may very well carry over into next week.

Factom Price Surges has Some Legs

If there is one particular cryptocurrency price trend throughout 2018, it is how the Factom price has shown plenty of bullish momentum. So far, it is not a trend which can be sustained for very long, although that is only to be expected. This year has been all about bearish momentum first and foremost.

Where the Factom price is concerned, however, there have been several mini bullish run. The latest one is shaping up nicely, following a 12% increase in USD value and a 10.6% increase in the FCT/BTC ratio. As such, one Factom is now valued at $10.12, which is a rather fair value. It hit over $12 just a few weeks ago, thus history may very well repeat itself.

On social media, there is a lot of hype surrounding a recent interview by Factom CEO Paul Snow. He is openly discussing the potential use cases for blockchain technology and which role his own project would play in such a scenario. There are still thousands of potential use cases waiting to be explored in this regard, which makes for an exciting future.

Leonard Womble is another individual who has high hopes for the future of Factom. Although it remains to be seen if Factom’s technology could have helped out with the recent Gatwick Airport drone incident, there is a case to be made for using blockchain technology to ensure drone data can’t be altered. A bit of an odd market attempt, albeit one that also makes sense.

When looking at the current Factom price chart, it would appear the bull run is far from over. After successfully breaking out of a new wedge, there is a good chance a higher value will be noted tomorrow and later next week. How high that value will go, is a different matter. A new high for 2018 isn’t unlikely, which would be quite interesting to see.

With the final week of 2018 shaping up to be rather positive for all cryptocurrencies, an interesting situation is created. It remains to be seen if there will be something to celebrate in this industry once everything is said and done, albeit the current trends look very promising. For the Factom price, a push to $15 might not necessarily happen, yet $12 seems a plausible target.

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