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Planeteer Social has launched a Crypto Based Search Engine and a Social Media Platform for the Travel & Tourism Industry. “The Travel & Tourism industry is huge, and we are thrilled to be part of it,” says Co-Founder & CEO Dr. Rajesh Patwardhan. Our main focus is to make it easier for travelers to find the best destinations, experiences and deals. We want to provide people with an immersive experience that will help them explore the world around them.

Planeteer Postcards is a new way to Share and Discover Locations. Planeteer Postcards enables users to easily capture their experiences and spread the word about their favorite locations. Each postcard contains a photo, review, location, and star rating of that particular place. The postcards are also perfect for collecting memories from vacation spots or special events.

The Planeteer System is a great way to gather feedback on places from those who have visited them first-hand. With its simple & effective design, you can quickly get an idea of what makes a spot special and decide if it’s worth exploring yourself!

Planeteer, a sustainable lifestyle platform, has unveiled an innovative Hybrid Reward system that grants members “Diamonds” when they create Planeteer Postcards. Planeteer Social uses a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm, which automatically reviews each postcard based on more than 10 parameters and assigns Planeteer Diamonds to every Postcard. Members will be able to trade Diamonds for various services on the Planeteer Social platform such as Market Place, Travel Bookings and more. This not only enhances their user experience but also opens up a whole new range of possibilities for them.

Planeteer Social members can also convert Planeteer Diamonds to the Planeteer PTS Token. This innovative feature will enable users to trade PTS tokens with each other or exchange them on CEX for other digital assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Planeteer will also allow its members to purchase Planeteer Diamonds using PTS tokens. This will further enhance the utility and value of the PTS token.

PTS a utility token of the Planeteer Social ecosystem and its applications, is a cryptocurrency built to facilitate e-commerce in tourism and other industries and to reward Planeteers around the world for offering inspiration and relevant information to other Planeteers. For competing in the Blockchain space, Planeteer and the PTS token are positioned to specifically service an industry worth trillions of dollars per year and growing.

Planeteer Social Platform leverages latest technology with the expertise of CTO Karan Patwardhan. With an Engineering degree and years of experience in handling crypto based projects, Karan is well-equipped to ensure that the platform uses the latest technology such as Google Maps and AWS.

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Planeteer Social website is already Live and available to users! With the Planeteer Social platform, users can create unique postcards with their own photos and reviews, as well as make use of various social media features such as Like, Share, Views, Follow, Watch and more.

Other important features of Planeteer Social include Search, Chat, Market Place, Travel Bookings and much more. These advanced features will be made live progressively to enhance the utility and value of the PTS Token.

Currently Planeteer Social platform has more than 3K registered users, more than 40K beautiful Planeteer Postcards and have covered more than 1000 locations including 25 countries. Yash Patwardhan, a Media & Advertising Graduate, has achieved remarkable success in his role as Social Media Manager for Planeteer Social. Since joining the platform, Yash has used his expertise in Digital Marketing and Advertising to ensure that Planeteer Social grows in an organic way.

Planeteer Social, the popular social media platform, is making waves with its collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) based on Planeteer Postcards. Every month, a few selected postcards will be converted into NFTs and sold on the OpenSea NFT Market.

Planeteer Social PTS Token is set to Launch on CEX in April 2023. The announcement comes after the successful public sale of the PTS token at pinksale.finance, which saw over 1.25 million tokens sold in just 10 days. “We are thrilled with how well our Public Sale went,” said Milind Patwardhan, Co-Founder & CFO of Planeteer Social.

Cryptocurrency experts and analysts have come to a unanimous agreement that the PTS token will reach near a price of INR 5.00 by the end of 2023. This steady and progressive growth is made possible through an innovative Token Vesting Plan designed with inputs from leading crypto industry experts. Planeteer Social is a game changer for travel lovers around the world.

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